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Show us your......man cave.

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15 hours ago, gav240z said:

I nearly bought a house around the corner from Mark. I thought you were further out North West, but I do know a few S30z owners are in the area. Good to know for organising early morning weekend drives to wineries etc..

Seriously I wish I could move the family to Melbourne, Sydney is so depressing with everyone stressed out with this fast paced environment. Although Im notbsure if Melbourne is heading down that path

But not to happy with the current gang culture and fanatics around Melbourne. Hate going to the CBD and being handed pamphlets that I did not ask for.....

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2 hours ago, JDM-TOY said:

Seriously I wish I could move the family to Melbourne, Sydney is so depressing with everyone stressed out with this fast paced environment. Although Im notbsure if Melbourne is heading down that path

Honestly Melbourne is heading down the same population growth crush path. We could seriously derail this thread talking about it. So best we don't. haha.

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2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 16 Cars


I was talking to the mrs about downsizing when the kids eventually bugger off, and she replied you couldn't possibly move you have too many cars.

Obviously she hasn't seen something like the above.

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Posted (edited)

Interesting, but nah, that place just looks like a new car showroom and a place to show off excessive wealth.

I like the old tumble-down barns like you often see on American Pickers, full of old cars and motorcycles, chock full of dust and grease and plainly down-to-earth. Someone's collection of Studebakers, or Indians, or whatever has sparked their interest over many decades.

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I am with gilltech on this.

if you can eat your dinner off the floor then you are not using it in the right manner.  Everything in its pile and a pile for everything.

You have to be able to put your hands on anything at a moments notice. It is also not  just for cars . It has to have all kinds of machinery and it doesn't matter if you don't know how to use it.

It can not have a square inch of vacant wall space . Something must be stuck to it or hanging from it. If you run out of space then add a other section to  your man cave . You know you will . 

That will inspire you to take on any number of projects and not finish one. Ok may be one ,possibly two.

Mine not only houses a car and spares, but also model hobbies in the form of a railway and ships. I will post pics if you want to see them.   

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Posted (edited)

definitely need a large shed for something like this:

Sorry in advance if this is a small deviation from the thread.

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So a man cave is what you can make of it. Personally it is a retreat from every day living  for me. Some where you can go where the better half will not tread foot and  adult children come to the conclusion that they will never find that they are looking for with out help.There for they do not enter.My man cave come shed looks like a bomb hit and I like it that way.

The railway is n scale and as you can see a work in progress. I been told the model ships have to fine a home in the man cave and moved out of the craft room. That may take some creative thinking to find a space for them . The hull of the ship in what will become a dry dock on the railway is a 1 : 200 scale model of HMS RODNEY    

Found_1a917634200-23c359 [1600x1200].jpg

P1070874 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070875 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070876 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070877 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070878 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070879 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070880 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070881 [1600x1200].JPG

P1070883 [1600x1200].JPG

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Awesome! Thanks for posting the photos, I'll show them to my kids who are into modelling and model trains (OO / HO). Nice collection of N scale, the F7 style engines are my favourites. Stylish. They look like engines should and remind me of the old Tri-ang R55 and R159 engines back in the day.

Wish I had that much space. Looks chaotic but you know where everything is so no matter! I see a big flat screen. Some bare walls around the train layout, what plans, maybe some big Art Deco railway posters?


So a man cave is what you can make of it. Personally it is a retreat from every day living  for me.

Ditto. Shut out the world. I have an old camp chair in my man cave, and sometimes "I goes there and sits and thinks. Or just sits". (Quote/unquote whom I can't recall).

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My first Zed was the safari gold 2+2 in 2005. I jumped in without any budget, scraped together the funds for the purchase, no vision or plan as I just wanted to get into a Zed and enjoy the ride.  At the time I was working in a job where I had unlimited shed space and things got out of hand as I increased the stable to five cars, four of them registered and two designated as parts cars.

I changed jobs in 2007 and lost my storage space so the remaining three registered Zeds in the pic were all crammed into a double bay 6 metres wide, 7 metres deep, with a single sliding door.  The parts car was parked under the eave and suffered horribly over time – we live near the south coast in a damp cool climate.





The project cars had some excellent work done on them from the ground up including rust repairs but as yet no final paint to finish them off. The parts car was sent to its final resting place, Martin sold the daily driver for me.

I could now comfortably squeeze my two project cars into the double bay but there was still too much stuff in there to be able to properly store and work on the cars.

The original shed area was like a sardine tin as I also had a workbench, tools, car parts, cleaning gear, camping equipment, bicycles and paddle craft sharing the space. Most of the work on my cars was done by Martin Falconer of Tuneright so I often had either the blue or black project car parked at his place.  The gold car was my daily driver.




I might clarify here that the area behind the roller doors had been commandeered by my infinitely better half and was not able to be used for my vehicles, which she calls the 260Y, or has suggested that they would make good water features in the dam below the house!


I do not mind admitting that I had created my own chaos and that I spent money on purchasing and working on the two project cars when I should have paused and built a decent storage / workshop facility.

I then built two sheds for processing garlic which was only seasonal and would be used by the Zeds for the rest of the year.



In 2015 I finally came up with a proposal to build a combined shed and self contained granny flat, with a carport for a caravan, shower and toilet for shed users and visitors.

I had just finally finished an eleven year boundary dispute with my local government authority which resulted in approximately two acres of land being returned to me, the public road shifted away from our house, and allowed me a site to build our proposed  project.

The building project was done as my second effort as an owner builder but the vast majority of the work was coordinated by a local identity who did an outstanding job and saved me a bundle.






Shed faces east and gets morning sun

4 enclosed bays 16 metres wide

Bays are 7.5 metres deep

Sliding Doors

Caravan in carport behind old red Toyota Hilux – the “Boganmobile




Deleted pics







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Doubled up on pics

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Man Cave Part 2


The initial version of my shed and man cave was not even finished before it was evident that additional space, features and versatility were required. I read an article from Grass Roots Motorsport on the features that others had included in their sheds, plus there have been some excellent features from others who have posted in this thread.

It was now or never to set this facility up properly so I bit the bullet and finally  ordered a Molnar SM440 four post hoist which became a bit of a saga and will likely be summarised in a future thread.

I also added an additional two bay car port where the two 4WD and the tractor are parked.

My infinitely better half advised that I may as well set it up so that I could live in it so the facility now has its own satellite TV and internet. The rear and side walls are lined and insulated which makes it fairly comfortable in our moderate climate


The lined walls are painted white and the red and blue angled BRE stripes copied on to the rear walls.

The Zeds live on a carpeted floor which is itself painted with Rustoleum two pack paint from Bunnings.


The accumulation of Zed memorabilia and some other stuff from my old rally days adorns the rear wall.

That is an adjustable pendant power point hanging down above the blue Zed - useful and easy to use.




I have a bit of a collection of model Zeds still in their boxes waiting to be assembled. Four of the models are rally cars and will get first priority for assembly and display.

The pics on the left hand frame are taken from the 50th Anniversary calendar sold by Sean Dezart.

I had some stickers made up of the results of some of the higher profile achievements of the Zeds on the competition scene .



I won an Ebay auction for a copy of the limited edition (300) Zed poster and found BRE to have some excellent memorabilia, clothing, posters and models – including a limited edition model signed by Peter Brock (of BRE) and John Morton.

On the matter of BRE I cannot speak too highly of how professional and pleasant my dealings with them have been. The quality of product, the effort to minimize freight costs and the security of the careful packaging are first class. Thankyou Gayle and Monty.



 My rally corner has quite a way to go but at least I can now wander by and enjoy the memories.


Nearly all of my shelving and work stations are on wheels. This 3 metre long work bench made from pallet racking now has its own LED lighting  in the roof, several power points, slatwall sides with a variety of fixtures, shelving top and bottom. If you are intending to do something similar then ensure that you have strong wheels as you will be surprised at how heavy it can be made to be when loaded up.

The Rustoleum painted floor can be seen under the bench in this pic.


That is a chest freezer at the door. I have yet to install a bar fridge but it is coming.


One of the bays does not have a sliding door and I have lined most of it but deliberately left a gap in between the mid section so that I can put some more horizontal timbers between the vertical support posts for shelving.

I have a collection of Dick Smith clear plastic peanut butter bottles filled with screws, oddments etc. They are easy to label and easy to view. The lids are permanently screwed up into the horizontal timber above – saves stacking containers on top of one another



And for my last oic I have put a 55” TV down at the far end of the shed. It is big enough to see what is going on from almost any position in the shed but it is closest to the hoist bay and the workshop bay where I will spend most of my time.

Had  sensational days last Sunday watching the Bathurst 12 hour and Monday watching the Super Bowl while I was cleaning vehicles and organising stuff in the shed.


There is still plenty to be done but at least I am getting on to it and progressing.

Thanks for your comments, ideas and previous posts










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