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Rudolfs 2+2: The gleaming emerald......

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Video update 21- Scoring new rims! Fitment issues.

So i scored some "new rims" for the Zed. But they didn't fit, so this video goes over all the issues i had, and how i fixed them:


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Update 17.10.20 - TOUCHDOWN!   So my daughter is 1 month old today! What a blur and whirlwind the last month has been. Firstly, I won a pair of long champs off yahoo auctions Japan to

TODAY, WORD'S ARE NOT NEEDED.........   .   .     Rudi.

Update 10.9.17: Shed done! So i reached a milestone last week. I have finally finished the shed... for now.... I celebrated by hanging some memorabilia i had lying around for the last few years, wai

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Update 17.10.20 - TOUCHDOWN!

So my daughter is 1 month old today!

What a blur and whirlwind the last month has been.

Firstly, I won a pair of long champs off yahoo auctions Japan to go on the rear  end, and had them air freighted over. They were at my door in 3 days.

They had tyres on them, but shipping would have doubled to send them with rubber, they were new tyres and a good brand, but they were only a 185 wide tyre stretched over a 7.5 inch rim. i would have needed to buy new proper fitting tyres anyway, so i opted to have the tyres stripped off in japan and just have the rims sent.

This left me with a dilemma of needing rubber for the back, oh, and  the front, because the tyres on the front rims were 20 years old and dry rotted.

So i went on book face and found someone selling 4 good year 215/60/15 tyres. I managed to get all 4 for only $80! 

Good size for the front, "ok" for the back, i will buy 225/60/15's for the back to make it abit more chunky, but wanted to see how this 215's fit first, and see how much  clearance i have. No point spending $300 on 2 tyres to find out they rub and hit the shock and coil.

418 new shed

So It dam near took me 1 month, but i was able to get the rear drum brakes assembled and back together, and got her back on all 4 wheels for the first time in over 5 years! 

415 new shed



She is sitting HEAPS high at the back, which is strange, as i put in the 240z strut top mounts at the back, so it should be sitting about a inch or 2 lower.

Is it because its still a empty shell, and when i  put some weight in her, the rear will come down?

I'm not convinced, because really, what is there to go back in? a fuel tank? some glass?

The rear shocks were blown out when i removed them, so maybe that made it sit lower before,  and now because i have  fitted new KYB Excel G shocks, maybe that is contributing to it sitting higher?  I have the standard rear springs in it still, I didn't fit the lowering springs at the back, maybe i should.....

416 new shed



When Alexis was 2 weeks old my wife organised a professional baby photoshoot, My care factor about it was minimal, but when she came, i directed her into the garage for some snaps! here are a few of my favourites:

417 new shed



418 new shed



And i really like this one, might get it blown up and framed to put somewhere, maybe in my gaming room:

419 new shed



New video will be done and edited.... lol.... whenever i get some free time! which is not often!



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