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DIY engine trolley how to, with pics and diagrams!

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Hey everyone!

Seeing how long a rebuild can take on any car, storage is always essential.

Faced with the same problem myself, I decided something had to be done.

Though this is a little intricate, it was necessary as I needed maximum space savings in the garage.


What I decided to do was build a low cost, simple and highly effective engine cradle/trolley for spare L28 that was inefficiently taking up heaps of room on a "temporary" generic trolley.

What you will need are:

Castor wheels, 4x 65kg capacity, free spinning- $16 from bunnings

Tape measure and rafter square.

Lengths of scrap steel tube and 2 bits of flat plate I had lying around.

Drill and bits.


Grinder and cut off wheel/saw.

Angle finder/bevel square.



Basically you need to determine a few things:


1: Overall height of block including sump.

2: Dimensions between engine mount bolt centres width and height off of lowest part of sump.

3: Clearance required.

4: Castor size

5: Tube size


Here is what happened:

Pics 1&2 Got motor out from its "temporary" hiding spot.

Pics 3 Spent a couple of hours drawing up dimensions of, width, height, length, mounting bolt centres, mount angles and most overall dimensions from the block.

Researched weight of long block...160-180kg?

Pics 4 Found scrap tube, bought castors to suit weight, and drew up base frame to suit desired sump to floor clearance, and the irregular offcuts that was going to be used.





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Second part of the trolley build.


Once drawn and decided on heights it was mig welded together, and completed in about 6-7 hours with breaks.


The pictures speak for themselves.


The only thing needed is a support at the back of the block, as the mounts are rather far forward on the L28.

With a bit of creative thinking this engine trolley/cradle can be made to suit any motor with engine mount.





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Looks good but I would recommend larger dia castors for easier movement.


These cradles can be used to hold the engine/gearbox while an S30 body is lifted off.



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Or wait till SupaCheep Auto have yet another sale, and pick up theier engine stand, i fitted mine out with a twin set of removable timber shelves ( cut down pallets) and as i dismantle, everything sits on or under the two shelves.


The stand is the one that the rear f the block bolts to, and that bit rotates.

Paid $130 for it.

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I just find abandoned shopping trolleys (side of the road, drains, creeks etc), cut the basket off & weld some scrap RHS or angle iron across for the sump to rest in/on.


Costs me about half hour of my time...


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