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The ever present carb Vs. Efi debate...

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ooooh those sound cool!


I love the idea of ITB's, but they're pretty damn exy from what i gather, perhaps i should go EFI for

now, and when i get the cash i can fab some up...



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And that, there, is my point!

That's a quality build. Yet has carbs over EFI.

Yes. Itb's are going to be BETTER.



Sorry about getting capacity wrong.



It was simply a case of not wanting to spend any more money. We talked about EFI and I couldn't justify it and at the end of the day it's just a weekend car.

I'm hoping the new gearbox and diff ratio help out with the flat spot by changing the revs at 60kph in 3rd gear.



At the end of the day my engine package is pretty irrelevant to this thread, as this guy isn't going to be building that kind of motor. Most of the cheaper ITB setups just weren't good enough to cut the mustard on my setup. When I run out of things my car needs to be a reliable track car and the body has been done then i will definitely be looking at ITBs to get that last 20hp. Or maybe now i have the twin cam head i will make an ITB setup for that  ;)



To the OP, sounds like you have a heap of other areas to address with your car if it's "years off" before worrying about this sort of stuff. If you are strapped for budget just use 240Z carbs, why even waste time dreaming about ITBs? Get your car running and registered and then worry about making it faster...



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I read the comments regarding drivability with triple carbs and cannot grasp why some think they cannot be as smooth and tractable as fuel injection.....the simple answer is spend some money and GET THEM TUNED BY A PROFFESIONAL ON A DYNO.

Apart from minor cold start hesitation (I didn't connect the chokes), my 44 Mikuni's are as smooth as silk with no hesitation at all.......no flat spots ,no stumble, no back firing, no over fueling....just smooth progressive acceleration.........the difference is that they were refreshed and tuned properly.

Whilst I cannot comment on Webers, Mikuni's are just as tractable as EFI .............if any body doubts that feel free to drive my Zed and see for yourself.

Whilst EFI certainly has advantages with fuel consumption, cold start and fine tuning/mapping .................smooth power delivery should not be a problem with correctly set up triple carbs........IMHO anyway




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