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280zx crash at Bathurst Hill climb

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Richo, not enough speed in that section for aero to have unloaded the back end.

It was too wide through that corner, marbles, dust, whatever, it just got loose.

More power and a bit of oppo lock could have held it, but at that point it is very much like canyon racing between walls.


Unloaded the front Jason, not the back. So the car was travelling at less than say 80kph was it, because the rule of thumb is that at 80kph good aero is working noticeably. Check out the takeoff/landing speeds of short takeoff aircraft on this subject if you want.


PS your 280Z needs some drag reducing mods to the front, more straight line speed. And it's free :) free ;D

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I checked those bolts as I thought something may have given up prior to the turn, the whole snapped section still in the bottom. You can't tell in the clip but power was on but you only pull so hard at ( I estimate 160 4th gear at about 5000 with 3.7). I agree with Jason that I turned in a little to late, that damn grate everyone talks about is a aim point, not a turn point......

I think I hit the gratebwhich may have unsettled it a little as I yanked the wheel.

I am thinking I am going to scrap this one and build a 280z instead as there is one beside my workshop.

First step will be the strip - then I am welding in even more bars this time. I am amazed how well the cage saved me. Next one will have even more cross-the-car bracing.

On a side note, how hard is it to get a 285 tyre under these things. I have someone willing to unload a heap of 285/30r18 in r888.

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That was a huge whack, glad to hear you're alright!


Not the first 280zx to succumb to the mountain, one hit the wall (I think even the same wall) in 2008 at the regularity trial held over easter.


I also tend to agree with Jason, something not quite right with the setup on that car, it just didn't look like it wanted to turn in at all, looked very 'washy' on the front. Hopefully you can salvage some stuff and get another car back up and running.

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