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Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting!

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This is just a general set of observations and rules. This will be added to and amended as needed.


You can read the below or just skip and watch the video on forum etiquette.


Posting Guidelines

When posting the following would be very helpful and will reduce annoyance to your fellow members.


- Try searching our forums for the answer you seek, before posting a new topic.

- If you do need to make a new post - please use an appropriate title. An example of an appropriate title:

"Help with SU Carbs - Won't Sync" as oppose to "Help Car Won't Run".

"Electronic Distributor Problem" as oppose to "Help Problem"

"Will Watanabe 16X9 Wheels Fit?" as oppose to "Will these fit?"


The more specific your topic title, the better for other users and anyone searching for a similar problem or discussion.


- Please keep within the original topic or post. Changing topic mid way can be annoying and sometimes unavoidable. If a topic is going in a new direction try to start a new topic instead. (Link from current post to new topic if needed).


- Respect others - Please respect others and try to remember sometimes emotion and sarcasm can be difficult to read in text on a forum. Please do not flame or put down other members. If you do not like their questions or find them silly, simply do not respond.


- Please do not post commercial items or items for sale through a business without contacting us first. This website does not run on its own and is privately funded with the help of member donations. If you wish to promote your business or service, please consider making a donation toward the site to help with running costs. We also offer banner advertising.


- Try to locate the most appropriate category for your post. There are many sub categories that should be able to accommodate to your topic. If you cannot find a category or section and feel it is missing or needed. Please send a request to the webmaster and we will add a category if we feel it's needed.


- If you have a problem with another member, moderator or the webmaster please contact us so that we may try and resolve your issue.


- Please use correct punctuation and grammar in your posts. This not only makes it more legible for others to read (increasing the chances they can help you), but it helps with the overall quality of the website (forum) and makes you look more intelligent.


For example: "I NEED HELP WIF A CArBs Pr0B" is not easy to read and won't help others when they are searching our forum.


- If you think a post should be made sticky please contact the webmaster or a moderator and we will review the post.



- If you intend to post an item for sale in our classified section(s), you must read our terms and conditions on posting in classifieds. You can read this here: Classified Rules


Member Location

- Please enter your location this helps everyone. It also can help you with any problems or questions you may have.


You can enter your location details by going to the > tab at the top of the forum.


Profile >> Modify Profile >> Forum Profile Information >> Location:


You can choose to enter your local suburb or city, either is suitable. (See Below For Screenshots)


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