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14/15 April Qld Super Sprint “A” Series Round 2

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This weekend the 14/15 of April shall see Round 2 of the series at Morgan Park  8). We should have at least 15+ Z’s  8) 8) 8) competing over the weekend (there are now 21 Z’s entered into the “A” series) on the 1.2 km track where nearly all the action can be viewed from the main Grand Stand on the front straight .


The weekend should see Lee Faulkner stunning 370Z competing again, who blitZed all other Z’s last round,  hopefully Greg Hutley’s 240Z along with a few other S30’s L28 powered engines along with  Wilbur’s RB30 260Z and Peters 1970  early girl #16 240Z RB26DETT  attending can rise to the occasion to prove S30’s still are a force to be reckoned with!

I would like to include S130’s but where you are 260DET!!!Maybe next year??? i hope  :)


The weekend it is not only just the serious and competitive task of trying to get our cars around the challenging track in the quickest time possible time over the 4 laps inclusive (ie. if you mess up in the slightest on one lap, your time is gone) but for those competing and anyone else who would like to join in we also have a great social time over the weekend.


There are 3 main ways to get to Warwick from Brisbane.

1: Brisbane to Toowoomba on the (A2) then south to Warwick on the (A3)

2: Brisbane to Gatton on the (A2) then up Heifer Creek Road (80) to Warwick

3: Brisbane to Warwick via the Cunningham Highway (15)

When driving into Warwick follow the Cunningham Highway thru town at the set of Traffic lights after the Shell and McDonalds turn left into Wood Street for 400meters.

Then at the Tee intersection Turn right into Pratten Street for 100 meters. 

Then first turn left into Pratten Street East over the railway lines for 100meters

Then first turn right into McEvoy Street for 2.5 kms then at the roundabout take the second exit then almost immediately turn left on to Old Stanthorpe Road for 2.5 km’s then right into the Morgan Park Racing Complex follow the road thru the complex, past the polocrosse and drag strip entrances and then right into the Morgan Park Raceway area.


Saturday is defiantly the best day to drive up as we compete from 8.30am until 4.30pm. For anyone wanting to come up over the weekend the series is organised by the Warwick District Sporting Car Club Inc., so concessional Rego cars are fine to make the trip up to the track as long as you meet the necessary rules and regs set out by your state authorities. Entry is free and there is a great food canteen at the track.


I hope to see you there







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Can recommend a weekend at Morgan Park for any spectators, the social activities alone certainly are worth the trip :D I've done this a few times and will do again if the opportunity arises.


As for me taking the Zed there, obviously not this year because entries closed long ago so we will see. In the meantime I'm looking for a suitable stump pulling 5:1 diff  8)

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You know, what would be good, is that towards the end of 2012, when WDSCC, the event promoters of these two series of four sprint weekends, release the series registration forms and request for advance payment etc, that this info be posted upon here, so that those that are not "in the info loop" can consider doing these events in 2013.


At present, one is not able to peruse a calendar, see that, say, the next round of the B series is on such and such, and enter it to give their car a run.

It is just the peculiarity of WDSCC mode of conduct.

Likewise the ability to come along on a friday of each of the sprints weekends, pay the small fee( approx $50 to $80) to then have a bit of a practice and a play, without getting all super serious with the big guns on the Saturday/Sunday!


To just be able to have a bit of a "taste" on the Friday, then stay for the evenings jovial frolics at the odd restaurant or pub, and maybe spectate the following day, would'nt be a bad thing!


I think we will find that is not possible, a shame, you just have to be prepared to go in boots and all, but will need to wait till 2013 !

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Well at dam fine weekend was had by all, Lee's 370Z was the fastest Z on the weekend with Greg Hutley's 240Z being the quickest of the S30's, I will post some times when they come up on the my laps website





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