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March 9 to 11 2012 Phillip Island Classics. hUGE historic event

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Old dirt driver from way back Richo!


Hey, anyone know PI enough to work out if that pic is from exit of turn 4 ( Honda), or midway through the right hander between Siberia and the bit going up to Lukey heights, Hayshed?, i think.

I cant work out the background, if its Hayshed, thats a quicker corner exit than Honda.

You Victorians should be able to work it out?

I reckon that it is coming out of MG and shot from the 'outside of the track' near the bridge & opposite the flag point (#11).  The red thing in the background looks like a trailer parked on the back road to the hayshed past the Medical centre.  The scenery is quite different in at turn 4 and if this was out of T4 the tyre wall runs parallel to the astro turf on the edge (and is closer) and it would have to be taken from the flag point on the inside of 'Honda'. - a place where only officials/flaggies can get to.


I am there next weekend and will try and get a shot to confirm either way.




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