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14x7 tyre choice?

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i am looking for tyres for 14x7 5 slots 0 offset. I want to keep period size (14) and thus sticking with 14,s. not interested in 15s or bigger. 


I have a 260z coupe.


Now i have spent some time reading on this and thought it was worthy asking.


Basically i am running 30mm lower (king springs) and thought either


215/60/14 all round (rubbing on 30mm lowered?)


205/60/14 all round


Note: 205/65/14 (no longer available so that size is out).

Note: 205/70/14 - i dont like the look of this too tall for me.

Note: on a 7" rim i wouldnt want to go down to 195 (would i?) hence the mention of 205 and 215s.


And is it best to go same size all round (for handling, etc) or is 205/60 front and 215/60 rear a good idea?


any input appreciated onb this and if you have photos also of how yours looks on your 14" combnination that would be appreciated.




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Is the tyre for mainly track use, sprints etc, or even proper racing?

If so, Bridgestone do a RE55 semi slick in a 195 and a 205 60 x 14, price is high at close to $300 ea


Yokohama do similar semi a bit cheaper in a 195, the 195 is much skinnier on a 7"

The Bridgestone 205 is a "fat"tyre and sits very nicely on a 7" rim


Other than these, try any local tyre shop for whatever ice road trucker skidder tyre in a 205 60x14, or 215, either will be fine on the zero offset.


I have to use these sizes on a group S z in historic prod sports, so i onow!


If ypu are after something, i have some Hoosier Street TD' in the 205, second hand, at $500  for the four, they have 90% tread on them!, they are a legal semi and stick well!

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I run 14 on my 260, can't remember the off set at the moment, I run 215x65 front 235x60 on the back, last time I checked availability (for road use) Yokohama still had a good range of sizes in 14in and Bridgestone had limited sizes available.

cheers Tony

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cheers all for the replys.


Car is to be run on the street but would rather edge on the side of quality tyres.


My initial thoughts was BF Goodrich TA but know little about them (partly because in 14s they are available).


I am a little interested in Hoosier's.


How would the Hoosier Street TD go on the street? would there be any hope of getting much mileage out of them?


also datskman, do you have a pic of your race car on 205/60/ 14x7?


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