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Forum Battle 2012

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Forum Battle 400m Sprint / Drag racer, please read the below. CAMS latest bulletin release covers all things drag racing.

Official CAMS bulletin here: http://www.rally.com.au/images/stories/ARC_Form_Battle__Bulletin_4.2.pdf


Calder Park 400m Sprint – Minimum Requirements


An addition to the Vehicle Eligibility as per the event supplementary regulations will be Calder Park requirements as per:




• All wheels nuts fitted.

• No hub caps or dress rims permitted.




• No bald tyres unless they are a purpose race tyre. (Slick are not permitted)

• No mis matched tyres from left to right or visa versa.

• Tyre clearance between fenders and tyres require a minimum clearance of 9.5 mm or 3/8 inches.


Battery retention:


Battery fix to a frame/body of the vehicle. Dry Cell (Gell) batteries are permitted inside the vehicle however particular attention will be made to the fixing of the battery. If the battery is NOT fixed using high strength (High tensile) bolts and quality materials determined by scrutineering, then it will not pass. (Note: Tech Screws or self tapers, are not permitted to retain anything in a vehicle that is racing.)




• Door Panels that retain interior door handles switches etc must be retained.

• Back seat removal is permitted as long as the boot is sealed from a battery or

• fuel system if they are fitted to the vehicle.

• Seat Belts must not be frayed and in operating condition. NOTE: A minimum

• LAP/SASH seat belt is mandatory at Calder Park. Just lap belts not permitted.

• Seats that are broken are not permitted.




• No broken steering wheels permitted,

• No free play in steering permitted that would not pass road worthy.




• Neutral Safety switch must be operational,

• Neutral Lock Out on the shifter must be operational.• Suspension:

• Vehicle must have suspension travel.




• All Street Vehicles MUST retain all body panels properly. Eg, Vehicles post

• manufacture of 1938 without hoods not permitted.




• Dual Springs on the Throttle return on ALL Engines fitted with a Carby/s.

• NO Oil Leaks permitted.

• General tidiness, ie, no loose wires, clamps, tools etc permitted.




• All Vehicles fitted with a Radiator MUST have a Catch Can (overflow bottle) or equivalent.


Cars running quicker than 10.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:


• Minimum 4 point roll cage,

• Minimum 4 point Safety Harness,

• Longer wheels studs protruding beyond the face of the rim by 1 diameter of

• the wheel stud.

• Open Headers permitted, but are not to point down toward the track

• Engine Oil Filter Clamp required on spin off type filters. NOTE: System 1 and

• Oberg type filter designs are exempt.

• Drive Shaft Loop,


Cars running quicker than 9.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:


• Minimum 6 point roll cage,

• Minimum 5 point Safety Harness,

• Vehicles running faster than 140 mph require a parachute.


Additional Safety Equipment


• Window Nets: To the standard listed in Schedule I of the CAMS Manual

• Helmet: A level B helmet, as listed in Schedule D of the CAMS Manual

• Flame-retardant overalls: Level C outwear as listed in Schedule D of the

• CAMS Manual

• Gloves, Socks & Shoes: Level A as listed in Schedule D of the CAMS Manual


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Founded in August 2011 by Grant Salter and Gwyn Morgan, Grip Shift Slide was hatched during lasts years visit to World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, sitting in their hotel room, looking at a bunch of expensive camera gear, flight tickets and rental cars… They asked themselves ”why are we doing this?” the answer, give the Victorian scene what it needs; support and exposure.


Grip Shift Slide have confirmed 20 cars for Forum Battle, each unique in their own special way.


For full feature on team Grip Shift Slide visit our Forum Battle website (Here) or like our facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news (Here).



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Forums unite because this may the only chance we get.


Once in a blue moon does something like Forum Battle come along and presents itself .  Remember the first time you joined a forum and instantly felt at home to it. You thought to yourself how awesome it was to find other liked minded people with the same interest, had the same way of thinking and someone who liked and appreciated the same cars and things as you do. Remember how nervous you were when you  attended your very first car meet, standing next to your car waiting, a little too early, not knowing what to expect. Remember when you bought your very first forum sticker and how precious that 5 dollar sticker meant to you . Repping it so proudly knowing that you’re a part of something special. This is the magic of forums and car clubs.


Why Compete at Forum battle? Simply because you are proud of your forum, proud of the members ( that are now also lifelong friends), proud of what it stands for and how its changed your life. Now is the time to give back to the forums that have given you so much.


Forum battle isn’t about winning. It’s about representing and supporting  your forum and putting your car and the sticker it wears so proudly into good use. A Forum is an extension of us,  we spend most if not all our time on forums, laughing, crying and finding inspiration, it’s time we be proud of it and give more than $5 back. Surely its worth more!


We’ve all at one stage wanted to know what it feels like to be a race car driver and be part of a race event. We’ve all dreamt of racing, building the perfect machine and racing it. Some of us are lucky enough, and some of us have to work our butts off to save for a set of coilovers. The saying ” you have to either have to be born into it , or have rich parent” usually gets thrown around when the topic of racing comes up.


BUT, what if you could? What if there was a way where you could compete in a National CAMS event that didn’t need an expensive roll cage , expensive safety gear and any street car was eligible?  Forum Battle by far is cheaper than any race series or CAMS event on the calendar.  An entry fee of $420 ( Time attack : $200 + any other race category : $150 + Single Day CAMS licence ) will get you a whole day worth of racing in multiple events, TV coverage, free entry into the Show and Shine and be part of a National CAMS event.


Forum Battle is a win for the small guys. We don’t think there has ever been a time when any sort of motoring institution has taken car forums and car clubs seriously, and now we have been given an opportunity to come together and to show the motoring sport bigwigs that we’re the back bone, the nervous system and are as important to them as the big budget race teams. Without your support the Forum battle could go as easily as it has come .


A total of 90 competitors have registered, with spots left in many of the categories. Help us make this event as unforgettable as possible.


Be proud of your forum, join today.


Forum Battle Team.


Visit us at: http://forumbattle.com.au/

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Show’n’shines are always more interesting when you have a friend there to discuss your opinions with.

We are a generous bunch here at Forum Battle so we have decided that Show’n’shine entrants will receive a free extra ticket so you can bring a mate on the Sunday.

So $90 now gets you show’n’shine entry and you get to bring a friend in for free to support your forum. So why haven’t you entered yet?



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Jokes and smiles will be plentiful throughout pit lane at Calder Park, but as soon as the clock starts and the green flag is woven it will be all business for team Evo Oz, SAU and Oz RX7.


EvoOz – Nik Kalis, SAU-Adam Newton, OzRx7- Brad Trenwith will all be going head to head in the Pro class, each of the cars are capable of taking out the win. Nik Kalis at last years World Time Attack won its class, Adam Newton’s Big Red is more then capable ( see video) and Brad Trenwith with his years of experience in racing is also a contender.  These guys will be the one to beat for any forums game enough.


If your forum has got what it takes , drop the keyboard and step up. Join in today!


Entry dates Extended.


We have received 110 entries for Forum Battle as of last night. Let’s make this bigger than ever, don’t miss out. If you would like to compete in a National CAMS event this is your chance to be part of an event that will put forums on the motorsport map, join us in March!


Dates have been extended with spots still available in all categories.

To enter today please visit link, fill out the form, send it to us ASAP: http://forumbattle.com.au/entry/






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Pond’s pride and joy 2003 R34 GT-R Vspec II Nür (only 750 around the world ) will be on display in the Grips Shift Slide section of Forums Battle Show and shine. Pond has owned the car for two years and has only 3,000km since owning it.

So what does someone who owns a super rare car like an R34 GT-R Vspec II Nür daily drive ? A Honda Jazz of course! Laugh now, but if you catch Pond at Forum Battle be sure to ask him what other cars he currently owns, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised *cough* widebody….




Mod list :


• Oil cooler greddy

• Top Secret Carbon Bonnet

• JUN high wing stay

• HKS Hi-Power Exhaust

• Cusco zero2 coil-over

• Rays CE28 Genesis Forged Wheels

• 19″ x 10.5″







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It’s going to be a massive weekend. Spots are filling in fast, we have 100 odd cars entered but a classic Z car is always a treat to watch and hear.


With 2 weeks to go, the car scene would love some Z cars to be represented at Forum Battle and not miss out on the opportunity to mingle with the rest. We are offering show and shine group bookings at a discounted price for interested Forums. Group booking will also be allocated individual club/ forum areas on the day.


Even if you don't want to compete you guys can still at least attend as a club in show and shine,, check out the action, make a day of it, save some money along the way and get you cars photo take. I think most car guys at one stage or another has thought about owing one.


Anyone wanting to also attend the show and shine on their own is also welcome to bring a friend along for free...


Motorsport categories are still available for anyone wanting to enter.


Just remember by turning up you guys will be showing that the forums are more than online chatter. 


For more information or to Join visit : http://forumbattle.com.au/


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Hi Guys,


We have 117 confirmed for Forum battle . Entry for all categories are still open, and it’s still not too late to enter for Auszcar. Group bookings in the show and shine will automatically get a discount price & for Motorsport entries you get a free pass into the show and shine.


REMEMBER: For a single entry into the show and shine, you get to bring a friend for free for the entire weekend.


That means for $8 extra compared to a single day non-event pass (between your mate and yourself) you get a spot in the show and shine, you get to be amongst all the action and most importantly you will be helping your forum get extra points.


Don’t just be a spectator be a competitor and support your forum today!



Visit : http://forumbattle.com.au/

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It seems like there is very little interest in this, so I'll be deleting this thread shortly.


Thanks for taking an interest in our forum, 'forumbattle' :)


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