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Forum Battle 2012

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Hi Everyone,

This is an email I received a little while ago. Might be of interest to some of you?




Dear Mr. Doolan,

We would like to invite your car club (Vic Z Car) to compete in the 2012 ARC Forum Battle at Calder Park Raceway.

The first event of its kind as Forum Battle infiltrates the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) at Calder Park in March 2012. This is all about online forums enjoying some light hearted competition against each other in an offline event spanning across multiple disciplines of motorsport and car culture including:

-Time attack

-Show and shine

-400m Drags


-Tarmac Rally Stage



Forum Battle will span over 2 days. There’s $20k’s worth of prizes up for grabs for forum members and prime time TV coverage on Channel 10 alongside the ARC coverage

For more information and to be featured on the website: www.forumbattle.com.au

Look forward to your thoughts and feel free to contact me on 0432 884 177 or email support@forumbattle.com.au


Sean Ryan



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Hmmmm I could be tempted if others were?


Could be good PR for the club :). Get our name out there and drum up interest in early Z's.

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Sounds like a good opportunity to get coverage for the club and you might even get your mug on the tv  ;)


I've still got lots of bodywork to do and the exhaust and tyres so I dont think I could make it.

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Heck of a lot of info over on Pulsar ( nissan) forum, and no, not cheap, maximum dollar extraction in play.

The rules and supp regs need carefull reading, as i see it, each doctrine will cost $x times no of items, equals Z


We cant do everything, its basicalky a get money in, get spectators paying in excersise, all because the current crop of ARC championship cars are as boring as bat doodoo, organisets are going all out to market and pull in people, but the " mai"event will be round 1 of the ARC.

We will be finabcially backing it.


I ran as an invited car at the WRC/ARC at Coffs in 2011, if it wasnt for the grassroots giys running the event would fold, but, the grass roots giys get diddlysquat for their efforts, as main focus is on WRC and ARC some 30 cars, the rest was some 70 to support the 30


So, Luvemfast, yes it is expensive to play.

Someone else have a go at working out costs, my brain hurys!

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Here are the costs and other entry info,


Time Attack/Supersprint – $200


One-Lap Dash/Tarmac Rally – $150


Gymkhana – $150


400 metre sprint – $150


Show N Shine – $90 (note – only $40 if entered in another motorsport discipline)


5. Entries MAY be subject to a maximum for each event as is referenced per event below;


a) Time Attack/Supersprint: 2 entries per forum


b) One-Lap Dash/Tarmac Rally Stage: 2 entries per forum


c) Gymkhana: 2 entries per forum


d) 400-metre sprint/: 4 entries per forum


e) Show N Shine: 20 entries per forum


Where entries are restricted the relevant forum moderator (s) together with the promoter will determine the entries accepted within each discipline.





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Hi guys .


for any one interested in entering please send your entry forms to : http://forumbattle.com.au/entry/


also just wanted to remind everyone that payment isnt required when entering. its simply to secure a spot , payment details will be announced at a later date.


This event will showcase grass roots motorsport to a national audience via the ARC’s Channel 10 coverage ( A minimum of 12-minutes of national television airtime will be dedicated to the highlights of each discipline.) As well as print and online media. We hope that the car forums will embrace the opportunity and show their pride in their forum, cars and mates by being represented at this battle.



PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES, first round of prize commitments, with more to come!


1. Pedders Suspension- $2500 in vouchers allocated across the disciplins


2. Yokohama ADVAN- $2500 one full set of  ADVAN tyres


3. ODYSSEY Battery- $1000 worth of batteries (3 in total)


4. Zen Garage- $500 Professional photo shoot for you car by leading photographer


5. MOTHERS- $600 in MOTHERS car care products


6. illest clothing- $300 in illest  apparel


7. BOSCH- $2500 in BOSCH Motorsport Products


8. XFORCE – $1400 VAREX exhaust system


Over 11K in prizes already on the books for Forum Battle, every class winner in each discipline will win a prize


for more details visit : Forum Battle | 1st-4th March 2012- The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory

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Won't do it this year, but hopefully 2013 if they do it again, looks like fun.



same here!! pending project ideas...

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I received an email about this from Skylines Australia.

They are subsidising and paying half of the entry fee for all entrants accepted.

How are they able to do that? Why do they have money to spurge?

Good on them, but what are they doing differently to this forum to create a good income?


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They are an official club with treasurer etc, so they have money that they raise from other events etc.  Whilst we don't have this, I still think we get by just fine, but on rare occasions like this, it would be nice.

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As dat2kman says ,we will be making up the numbers and the big boys will clean up, Having said that it would be a good event to attend. I will keep an eye on it and if it is any good they will be back next year. PS hope its not wet.

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Someone's car has to be completed. There is a show'n'shine category, I reckon you guys would dominate that!


A small example of the competition. Euro's, JDM, Aussie muscle, exotics, drag machines, track hacks, hot hatches, time attack entrants, back yard mechanics and forum enthusiasts in general.


Representing Supra forums Danny's car is indeed a clean example.



Think your car could keep up with this bad boy? Grandma spec AE86 entering for some fun and to represent AE86 Driving Club.



Kyne’s Golf GTI is a well thought out machine, made to look aggressive and go when needed.



Stock Astra? Think again, 280kw at the wheels and he's not finished yet!



This Aussie muscle car might have dominated the drag strip with 480rwkw but has chosen to enter the show'n'shine. Drag competitors can let out a sigh of relief.



2.5L conversion, Will shall fly the flag for JDMST in the time attack category. Model in photo is Bettina Banks for those wondering. Google it!



This Vr4 started life as a grocery car and is now Australia's fastest road legal Galant.



You just got beat..By a Wagon! fullBOOST and Warren will be doing what they do best; the 1/4 mile



Nope, this isn’t your everyday CE Lancer GLi with a knock off Evo bodykit. Luke’s cars is the real deal!

Last year it won the Victorian Hillclimb championship (4wd Sedan class).



Looks like a hot hatch battle is emerging in the FWD class for time attack. Rory has thrown his hat in the ring for OPELAUS with a very neat Astra VXR Nurburgring Editions.



Show'n'shiney! Exterior has a custom full respray in Morpheus purple with custom airbrushed TME decals in carbon fibre & real flames, carbon fibre wing. Interior is also a custom 4 seater recaro conversion with full retrim in German yellow custard leather.



Keeping the smell of fuel in the air is Glen in his Time attack RX7.



A Lotus Esprit GT300 GT2 LeMans Racer!



DAP-R Springs 40mm drop at the front, 50mm drop at the rear!



Jason being a seasoned time attack entrant is no stranger to the tarmac, competing in this years World Time Attack Clubsprint class setting a 1:43.0420 lap.



Carbon tax!



Open class entrant Nik Kalis. This well sorted car will be great to watch at the time attack discipline.



Micheal or better known as SP BLING on Oz Mazda owner steps up to represent his forum.



Bought for a measly $1200, John’s Track Hack AW11 has spent most of 2011 in the garage being brought back to life. He is the first to admit to Forum battle that it isn’t going to win any Show and Shine awards. And it never will!



A regular track day addict, a Circuit Club organizer and an Advan Neova Cup Competitor, Narada has been to Wakefield ( 2hr South west of Sydney) more then most.



The first to enter forum battle was Darrin who wsa bitten by the track day bug  has constantly been developing his Evo X.



Euro Revolution owner Sebastian enters in his brand spanking new Golf R. Team Euro Revolution has a few more cars entering so stay tuned to our facebook page: ARC Forum Battle 2012 | Facebook



More to come...


Does your car have what it takes to compete? Or just looking to have a little fun?

Join the Battle: Forum Battle | 1st-4th March 2012- The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory

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Forum Battle Update


Good news forum users. Struggling to decide whether to track your car or enter it in the show’n’shine? Why not do both! Any one competing in the Time attack, Rally, drags or Gymkhana will automatically gain free entry into the Show & Shine!


Plus competitors get to nominate 2 Pit Crew members who will gain entry to the event for $10 a day. As car nuts we know the benefits of having a spare pair of hands around when working on cars. Whether we were doing an engine conversion, swapping a gearbox or simply bleeding brakes the job was made easier and more fun with mates. So bring 2 of your best mates down and even if they don’t know how to change a tyre at least you’ll have somebody cheering you on .




Sup regs have been updated and finalised, a copy can be found here: http://www.rally.com.au/images/stories/Forum_Regs_SR_030112.pdf


As if you needed another excuse to get involved; The second prize pool announcement is up. Forum battle is happy to have Motul, DBA , and Bendix come on board and support Forum Battle.


1. Motul – x6 oil and Motul fluid packs to give away worth $1200

2. DBA – x2 pairs of 4000 series

3. Bendix – x4 SRT( Street Road Track)  sets of pads





Join the Battle: Forum Battle | 1st-4th March 2012- The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory

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New forums join the battle and already entered forums step it up a notch. Check out the latest batch of competitors:



Turbocharged, short wheel base, mid-engine, cool 80′s styling and an extensive mod list. This AW11 is a veteran at the track and will be represent MR2 Australia



Instantly recognised by those who attended WTAC 2011 this supra is the promo car for Gorilla Industries. Shane and his high powered Supra have run 1:05:75 at Wakefield. Shane will be representing JDMST in its Lotus inspired war paint.



Jason’s RX7 has seen significant changes and upgrades over the years with results to match; 1st overall at The No Limits Time Attack event at Barbagallo, WA  in October 2010, and 1st at Raventech Time Attack battle in 2wd October 2010. Jason will be representing his club RENEW (Rotary Enthusiasts of New South Wales)  in the Time attack, Tarmac rally and the 1/4 mile  drags




The latest to join the Evo OZ team is 27 year old and his EVO 9 MR. Having previously owned an EVO 7, Dan is no stranger to Mitsubishi’s AWD, turbo charge beast. No Expense has been spared on Dan’s baby. Out on the track Dan is also a seasoned racer, with 2 years of racing experience under his belt and another 5 for club days



SAU announces their first entrant and it’s clear these boys won’t be happy with second place. Introducing Adam Newton and “BIG RED”, the carbon/wide body R32 GTS-t with 400rwkw on tap!

Adam will be representing SAU in the Pro Class for the time attack and rally stage events.

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Forum battle wants each and every competitor to be able to go home with a proper Motorsport adrenalin filled day so why not make Forum Battle a full day of racing? Satisfy those track cravings by entering multiple events. Mix it up, Gymkhana and Drags or Rally and Time attack. Plus entering one or more motorsport category gains you free entry to the Show’n’Shine.

By entering multiple events you increase your forums chances of taking out the title of 2012 Forum Battle Outright Winners as well as having a better chance to take home a chunk of the prize pool (prize pool is now valued at around $13,000 with more to be announced). Sponsored cars will also be able to take advantage of the TV / online coverage Forum Battle will be providing.


I want to enter the drags, but I’m not sure if my car meets requirements?

Drag requirements here: http://www.calderpark.com.au/competitors/drag-racing.aspx


I want to race but I don’t have a CAMS Licence?

We are organising a single day licence with CAMS now so stay tuned…


What Tyres can we use?

Tyre information can be found here: http://forumbattle.com.au/2012/02/02/bullentin-1tyre-choices-clarified/


Lastly for up and coming Photographers/bloggers wanting to shoot and cover Forum battle please contact us via email to organise media passes: support@forumbattle.com.au


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The meaning behind Forum Battle




Car forums have come along way from “my (insert car make and model) is better then your (insert car make and model).”


It sounds familiar to a iconic race series we have here in Australia. But it was after Will posted his Forum battle Competitor Entry, that he nailed the meaning of Forum Battle on the head while sharing his feature on OZMAZDACLUB.


”The whole concept of the Forum Battle revolves around ‘love’. We are all coming together to appreciate the entire spectrum of car scenes and have an awesome time. It will be a big event with television coverage as well. If you want to attend one of the largest forum events in Australian history, this is it. Make sure you don’t miss it and again, if you are interested in participating, it is not about winning” – ttshark


“Coming together to appreciate the entire spectrum of car scenes and have an awesome time” Forum battle couldn’t of have said it any better. Look past the name Forum Battle, the categories, and point system and it’s a show, a festival and a celebration of what online car forums are about offline.

In the real world, where the keyboard is as useful as using a hammer to take off a 12mm bolt, all that really matters, is driving our cars, meeting up with mates and catching up, to outsiders looking in, instantly we fall under the “hoons, reckless rev heads” label, and it’s time we make a difference and start using the power of the media to make a change. Charles Kha, Chief Editor of Speedhunters, puts it perfectly (he’s also been recently featured on Zen garage)


”It’s not easy to be a modifier these days. While our scene has finally gone from underground obscurity to mainstream acknowledgment (modified cars have infiltrated television, toys, video games, movies, fashion and music), we are now facing a growing number of obstacles…”


“…Then there are the seemingly never-ending pressures from society. While our car culture may be recognised by the mainstream, it doesn’t mean we’ve been accepted. The media continue to circle above us, waiting to pounce the moment there’s a car crash involving a modified car or young driver. This in turn compels politicians – vying for the public’s vote – to put pressure on the Authorities to clamp down on us with stricter regulations and harsher penalties.” – Charles Kha, Autosalon Magazine, Issue 85, 2010.




How do car forums and the car scene move forward and stamp out this “hoon” image? Do what we do best: get together and have a good old time enjoying our cars the way they were built for, and show the media, the outsiders, that not all of us are “hoons” but are brothers, sisters, sons and daughters with one passion for cars.


We’ve all at one stage or another, seen video clips from the U.S , Japan and UK of epic car festivals. A field of 300+ cars show and shine, 9 sec drag cars, blistering fast time attack machines and drift cars that pump smoke effortlessly.  Events like this are also not a new thing for Australia, with one recently being broadcasted across all the TV networks news show. But not all of us own or are interested in old school muscle and carby v8 powered cars (Even though I understand and recognize its importance) a utopian like event still doesn’t exist.


It’s time to embrace the lifestyle we love and work so hard for, cause car culture is here to stay and so we should be proud of it.


Forum Battle Team


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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be strapped into the bucket seat of a rally car, while be thrown side ways into corner, at full noise? Forum battle is giving one lucky person shot gun in a ARC Rally car at Calder Park, other prizes include:


x2 free entry for show and shine

x2 mothers bucket deal

x4 free forum battle single day passes

Competition closes: 16/FEB/2012


To enter, visit the Forum Battle facebook page: CLICK HERE, hit the “like” button and tell us on our wall what prize you would like to Win.




(Mods if you feel this post is inappropriate please delete)

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For those wondering about what the Gymkhana layout looks like.

The video features Dan Day using Steve Glenney's STI Spec-C.


Test out your hand braking skills!


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Good news guys, we have organised a single day CAMS licence. The CAMS licence will be available for $70 and can be bought on the day. It includes car club membership and CAMS licence through the MG Club Vic.


This weeks Competitor update sees more entrants into the Street Class.


Steve Reed from OZMPS has entered his  Mazda MPS 3 turbo. This is one quick front wheel drive which regularly competes in the ADVAN Neova Cup. Steve is no slouch behind the wheel and is always looking to improve, recently taking out an award at the recent ADVAN Neova Cup night for quickest in his category.



Representing Pulsar Group of Australia (PGA) is Gareth. Gareth has been busy preparing this Pulsar for a CA18DET conversion however he is not sure it will be ready for Forum Battle.

We'll find out on the day whether Gareth will represent Pulsar.org in his completed CA conversion or the the original 18LE with 350,000K’s on the clock.



Another PGA entrant is Brad and his VZR Pulsar. This VZR N1 V2 is a limited edition light weight Race spec version from factory. While only 200 were meant to be made due to the price only 36 have been recorded that Brad and pulsar.org.au knows of so far. From the factory the race spec Pulsar gets R33 GTR seats, light weigh Enkei wheels and the most powerful naturally aspirated 1.6L engine ever produced.



To finish of PGA's latest bunch of entrants is Steve and his SSS track weapon. Steve’s Pulsar may look fairly standard, because that's exactly the way he likes it, “I love the look of peoples faces when I scream past them on the straight of Sandown and Phillip Island.” The Pulsar has a GTi-R conversion with forged rods and pistons as well as a few other goodies which results in 235kw at the wheels! Steve will be representing Pulsar.org in the Rally and Time Attack.



Pedro representing Euro Revolution has managed to get his hands on a very hot hatch for Forum Battle. This ex GPT production race car was originally part of a factory VW team. These cars were very quick back in 2005 GPT era even with the limited modifications allowed back in that series.



Boosted Falcon is home to Australia's quickest  NA I6 Falcon. Scott’s project car is constantly under going more modifications to shave seconds of his drag times. Scott's aim is to get his 230rwkw EA Falcon it into the low 12′s without the help of boost or laughing gas. Scott will be representing Boosted Falcon in the 1/4 mile drag and hoping to get further into the low 12′s.



Another loyal user representing Boosted Falcon and 90's Falcons in general is Pat. Pat’s 1994 ED Fairmont Ghia, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The Falcon was originally a present from his older brother and was riddled with problems but Pat grew to love it. This is its second engine conversion and with a new turbo set up Pat was getting 270RWKWs but Pat is aiming higher and hopes to get a retune before Forum Battle.



Rounding up the current Boosted Falcon team is Pete and his GLi Wagon. Pete will be strutting his stuff in the Show'n'shine on the Sunday. The Wagon's mods include a shaved rear wiper and wiper nozzle to give it a clean look as well as an NF Fairlane velour interior with chrome highlights to the inside. Outside now has a Fairmont front, EL Fairmont door moulds, NF Fairlane chrome window moulds and clear repeaters.  The rear quirky window Venetians blinds came with car, and Pete has never had the need to take them off.


Wheels vary as Pete changes his mind a lot, currently its sitting on standard steelies until he settles on something else he likes.



Representing Opel Oz is Adam and his Astra van which was imported as it was never sold in Australia. Adam believes it to be one of only two in Australia.

It is still stock at this point as the car still needs to have a roadworthy inspection because it was imported from England and therefore does not have a compliance plate.


Adam will be doing a road trip to his first show'n'shine at Calder Park. Look out for the Astra van at Forum Battle!



For Team Fullboost is Andrew who will be competing in 2 events (Rally and Time attack category). Andrew's R34 GTR earns the Godzilla status with a list of mods goes on forever (which can be seen HERE). As for experience, Andrew has raced in F3, Forumla Ford, Formula Vee, saloon cars, hill climbed since he was 14, and drifted in the Red Rock Noodle Bar ute.



To read the full articles on any of the cars featured above or any previously featured cars visit: forumbattle.com.au


Make sure to enter our Facebook competition: Forum Battle Facebook page

Simply "Like" our page and tell us on our wall which prize you would like to WIN!


Major Prize

A ride in a rally car at Calder Park


Minor Prize

2x Free entry for the Show'n'shine

2x Mothers Bucket deal

4x Free Forum Battle Single day

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