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Recommended Mechanic in Southern Tasmania

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Hi fellow Z owners in in Tasmania

I have only recently become a Z owner, well actually the Z is my partners and I will do the maintenance.

I can service most earler cars and do basic work myself but would like to know if there are any mechanics or service centres that you would recommend for service and tune up. Would prefer somewhere around Hobart. Dont really have the time to drive to Dover this week and would like to go for a drive this weekend, hence wanting somewhere local


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Hi Paul,


We do all of the mechanical work on my car so I can't recommend anyone from first hand experience.

However, if you're looking for someone in the Hobart area I'd give JP automotive a go.  The 2 owners worked at Warwick motors with my old man.  Warwick motors was the southern Tas Datsun dealership.  So they should know Datsuns inside out.  I believe one of the owners still has a nice original 240Z.

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