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Rod F

Interior panels

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Hi guys,


I've just joined your forum as I bought a 240Z a few months ago. I was wondering how you approach re-doing your interiors. The plastic panels in my Z are falling apart, as i'd expect for something 30+ years old.

What materials can be used to replace them? Is MDF/fibreboard type material ok? The door trims are on the way out as well.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Rod,

Welcome. If you can't source any locally you could always try getting a set on e-bay from US.





Oh, I had my door trims retrimmed for $75 a side. Try looking up DELUXUE TRIMMING in Deer Park Vic in the white pages.

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Hey Rod,

http://www.dashboardrestorations.com.au/ can restore your centre console and dashboard not sure about other interior parts. I can't vouch for them as I only got quoted on fixing my centre console and haven't done it yet. It's a lower priority at the moment.


For other interior pieces ebay can be great there is also a few places that sell these parts new http://www.datsunrestore.com/catalog.html is one there are a few others like motorsport auto. http://www.zcarparts.com/


for places in Australia maybe ask Warren at Zworx. 9587 5500


PS: A friend of mine has an inventory of Z parts he would like to part with shortly I'll be posting them up here and on ebay when we get a chance to go through it all.

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I believe ALL ZParts in Sydney had new door trims several months back and the armrests and pull handle in the passenger side.


All-Z-Parts U2/ 1 Chilvers Rd Thornleigh 2120 (02) 9484 8257


Website is www.allzparts.com.au but seems to be down at the moment.


Good Luck


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