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Here is some long winded waffle about some of the Zed's i've had over the years. I had three other 240Zs but since they were never registered in my name I wont bore you with the details.



I've had a few zeds before. This one was my first car, a '78 260Z 2+2 which i repainted and retrimed on a shoe string budget. It had 240Z carbs, 280ZX distrib, NISMO headers on 2.25" exhaust. Wheels were off a Toyota Echo and were +30 offset so i had to bolt them to 30mm spacer to make them fit.

Yes i know the rear over-riders are on upsidedown.


Garage space was a bit hard to come by as I lived with my mates, who were also Zed enthusiasts. I worked on the Gold Coast and lived in Brisbane and was putting 4000km a month on the poor old girl. This evenntually wore out the engine out (i bent the crank, smashed all the piston rings and the valves were tired) and all the time spent outside  meant the elements had gotten the better of the bog and cheap paint.


Ended up finally getting a decent paying job so of course i went straight out and got a loan! The car run about 14psi on a cold night and performed well, but every suspension bush needed replacing as it was down right scarey in the twisties and under brakes. Everything started to go wrong when i hydro-locked the motor back in the 2005 Gold Coast floods. A conrod punched a hole in the side of the block and it was game over for that engine.


Not wanting to drop the money on a second hand engine I came across another 300ZX for sale which appeared to have everything done. $30k of receipts, 280RWKW, forged pistons, HKS GT2530 turbos, Microtech LT12, Nismo injectors you get the picture. It was rough as nuts and basically the guy I bought it off had been way to ambitious in making a show car, had stripped it and given up. Rough around the edges but with all the right parts seemed like a good donor car for the blue beast.

I wont post a big photo of it because it's too ugly. I even got heckled driving it one night before i took it off the road and got told "to take my shiver box home". HAHA


After 6 months of being at B&R Motorsport at Oxley and about $6k, i got the blue car back (sent it back many times as it wasn't right) with the good driveline, rebuilt turbos and clutch, on 19psi and putting down 500hp at the wheels. It was pants wettingly fast, like supprised a couple of guys riding 600cc sports bikes fast... Until it blew up 2 weeks later due to a blocked radiator and bad tuning. Melted pistons and spun bearings nice. Almost straight after B&R went broke, left my black car stripped (they were suppsoed to be putting a stock motor in it) and i was missing a couple of $1000s of parts - also nice. APC then charged me $1000 and 3 months to tell me I shouldnt bother rebuilding it as everything was stuffed from the turbos to the block and crank (which it wasn't) and i should just scrap it and buy a ZX one of the mechanics had for sale - even better. So at this point i was about $40k out of pocket and had two stuffed cars. Here it is at it's final resting place - my mum's garage waiting for love and mainly money. ZXs are gold digging bitches haha and yes my Mum does drive a 1998 180SX Type-X and she's 65 - cool  8)


So fast forward four years into the future and i was feeling some major Zed withdrawals. After a year of casual looking i ended up with this two owner, full service history with receipts '73 240Z. Only mods were koni reds, king springs and a pair of Recaros (it didnt come with fender mirrors). Had to trailer it home as the exhaust had rusted off and the clutch master was leaking, but that didnt stop me from taking it for it's first lap around the GC after a quick clutch bleed, bit noisey though :o New exhaust (2.25"), gearbox boot, front tyres, adjust hand brake, new points got the old girl going enough for rego. The fuel in the tank was so old crap it wouldnt run without pinging even after filling it up with fresh stuff so i ended up having to drain a 3/4 full tank - good one idiot. Next up the ugly foglights were taken off and the park lights were hooked up to flash for indicators like the series 1 240Z.


Next things to go on were:

  • Crane Hi6 CDI and Fireball Coil
  • S30 Long stalk fender mirrors
  • 180B wipers (had nasty plastic ones)
  • Nardi Torino Steering Wheel
  • Fairlady Z front badges
  • Rota 16x8 +4s all round

Various bits of the car were pulled appart and cleaned up along with spending 10s of hours making a working clock from bits.


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Got a new repro front bumper and rubbers off the New Old Car Company (aka Phil's Rotarys) on the Nth Side of Bris. Picked it up for $316 which was a steal + $62 for the rubbers. It's a neat bit of kit and is good quality for the money and really made the front end of my car look 100x better because i had the ugliest banged up front bumper out there.


I knew the front of the car had copped a bit of a nudge, didnt think it would take two hours to get it to fit the way i was happy with (i'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to silly things like that). Also managed to spend $30 on bolts down at supercheap, new high tensile everything for the bar and two boxes of stainless allen screws for the numberplate and the grill bolts.


Chrome is pretty hard to take a decent photo of especially in the shaddows of your garage. Funny thing is now i can see all the rust and crap under the front of the bonnet. Will have to break out the silver killrust when i get a spare minute on a weekend. Apparently they are going to have new rear bars in around two weeks and i will definitely be getting one of those to match the front!


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Whole reason for starting this thread was to show PMC what engine bits i have collected, so hold on to your 56kbps modem we're going in for a pic blitzkreig.



Virgin E88, original deck height (hasnt been planed) and no corrosion. Ported by DLPE (Don Potter) in the states. "Set up for 44mm Inlets 37.25 Exhaust, to run on engines 2.8L and over."








I'm guessing the porting isnt quite finished because the #3 and #4 exhaust ports are bigger than the others:




Black circle = pin hole coolant leak



Inlet ports:





Combustion Chamber:






Short runner Mikuni mani - Hybridz loves it PMC hates it




The chick from the black eyed pees wishes she she had lovely lady lumps this big and wide:

Americam - .555" lift 310/316 duration


Got fat lobes?




DLPE Cam - unknown (less lift than the other one) - "bigger than rally, smaller than all out circuit/drag cam":




Inlets - 44mm DLPE hand swirl finished Nissan valves:





Exhauts - 38mm SI with "Black Knight" Coating **I have two spare sets of these for sale! PM me if you want some hardcore exhaust valves**

This model features an undercut stem in the head area. In addition to reducing the valve weight (which provides benefits in opening rate and RPM limits) the radius of the head is such that is significantly improves air/fuel flow. This model enjoys great success when used with stock heads, as well as modified versions. Many available with Black Knight coating. Fully swirl polished. Chromed stems and Stellite tips.

Ideal for tough racing applications of all kinds. Bonza




What you havent seen:

  • NISMO/ FIA Comp springs and retainers (suit .300" lash pad)
  • 3x sets of .300"+ lash pads
  • Mikuni PHH 44 S5s
  • 40mm chokes
  • block girdle
  • DLPE Oil pump spring kit


How much street drivability i want: 0-X----------5-------------10

How much bad ass lumpy idle i want: 0-------------------------10---X-----------1 Brazillion

Goal - 9000rpm 3.1L  :o


Gratuitous fender mirror shot - just cause everyone asks what they are like to look behind with:


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That was great, I recall that 2+2 from classiczcars.com days. You've been in and around Z's for at least 10 years I'd say. It's funny when your a broke uni student or apprentice you think Z's are expensive. However it's only when you buy a car like the 300zx or RX-7 (turbo cars) that you realise how cheap the old 240z is to run.


You have a nice collection of engine bits, funny I've done the same thing. Be interested to see what you end up doing with it all.

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nice the second cam is the bigger cam it has a smaller base circal so it is much bigger

pin hole in the port not so good will need to test it to see if it can be fixed, it may end up in the scrap :(



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Great write up Jake.

I'm with Lurch on that one....... Stroker 9,000RPM? Not likely

But spend enough and maybe........


nice the second cam is the bigger cam it has a smaller base circal so it is much bigger

I would assume that Jake zeroed the vernier on the base circle Peter, the 14.xx is the lift?

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don't look at the vernier look at the Base circle. you don't mesher a cam with a vernier, the small circle means they have removed more to get more lift on the other side  ...  , and the ports on3/4 are bigger from the factory he may have hit water and stoped /i hope we can fix it for the potter name he was the man in the day

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I'm talking RPM limit not max HP, and will probably need 50mm induction to reach it and still have some point to revving it that high. I dont really care if it can't it would just be cool  8), i love high revving N/A engines. It's going to have a forged lightened bottom end.

The info that Don Potter had with the head said that the head could be welded - there are two spots. Holes only showed up when the head had some dye treatment put on it. I was doing some reading on hybridz last night and apparently Potter was known for building Electromotive-beating L28ETs so i figure his cam and head should be a good place to start.


@Gav: Yeah i've had Zs since 2000 and we've lurked around the same forums for a lot of that time :D Also true about how cheap zeds really are! Lol


@Simon: No i didnt zero it - it was just for comparrison of lobe height.


@Handsandwhich: I was tossing up whether to lead you on with this one, but no that is my girlfriend. I thought you guys would prefer a female parts model.

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:-*Found the Americam Specs i had saved away:






Valve Spring Specs:


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After 3 months on jack stands contemplating putting in some new Techno Toy Tuning T/C rods, Christmas hols gave me an excuse to finish what i started.




New shiny red bits in a sea of rusty body parts. I'm going to get it set to +6 degrees castor and 1/8th of an inch toe out.

I also bought a few heater fascias from the states.

Got one in pretty mint condition but of course nothing is as easy as it should be...




For those who didn't notice all the controls are back to front on the US one.

The US one is on the left in the photo below. It's got an extra horn on the top, but i have no idea what it is for. Luckily it looks like a matter of swapping the push rod cables from the AU spec to the US one.




Another US part i got was a console and fuse box cover. The fuse box cover has a Seat Belt warning light in it which i have been tossing up whether or not to remove for a block off plate that i have in a cover that i got from Japan. I get a bit anal with small details like this so i am open to opinions on whether i should keep the light (it wont work because i dont have seat switches and i'll have to split some factory cable shrink from the choke light cables) or put the block off plate in. I'm aiming for the JDM/Fairlady Z look and have been swapping all my Datsun badging for Fairlady spec stuff.




Another tidy up I have done is to move my CDI box which was sitting where the stereo would go (behind the heater control fascia) to under the dash, behind the glove box. It wedged in there and i used a large square of double-sided 3m Velcro in between to secure it properly. It's completely out of the way and out of the elements of the engine bay.




Got a big pile of parts to fit so hopefully i get a bit more time next weekend to swing some spanners on the Zed and fit some more stuff. There are a couple of patches of rust coming out in the doors, which will need to be addressed soon. But i want to get the engine bay repainted when i get my new L32 so probably do an all in one. Oh and there is a Kameari front spoiler en-route from Japan as we speak!

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Another San Maru Garage creation before the holidays was our Aprilia SR50 Factory R, for the 50cc 24Hr Le Minz race scooter.

Took out the standard class by 48 laps on second place and only just missed out on the overall buy 6 laps!

1879 laps for a total of 1250km with our 3 man team and not one mechanical issue, while being 10kph faster than the competition on the straight.









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Nice read  :) Seems like you got quite a few bits from the late DL Potters wife on ebay? I got one of the water restrictors for tstat housing, works a treat the temp never moves even at the track!



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Yeah i got a stack of stuff from her but i've ended up selling most of it as Peter MC has deamed it to 'mild' for my build :)

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Put another rear bumper on the car (second hand) and it really isnt worth the effort you have to go to, to fit a bumper that you're not happy with. Should have just bought a newy and stuck it on. It took two hours of fitting to get the thing to line up. It seems to generally be the case though with parts that arent perfect, no point wasting time with them. A lot better end result though. I removed the overriders and trimmed the rubbers as they go under the overriders and have a semi circle in the end of them for the overrider bolt. I also put 15mm rubber gromets in the holes but they are oval and not a perfect fit. Ends of the rubbers had to be secured with 5min epoxy as the ends are originally held down by the overriders.


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New parts:

  • Porsche Brembos
  • HKS Performer Coilovers
  • PMC L34 with 50mm DCO Webers etc
  • 16x8.5 & 16x9.5 Watanabes with Michelin Pilot Sports and another set of KU36's
  • Genuine Watanabe wheel nuts
  • Z-G Flares
  • Genuine Engine Mounts
  • MSA full rubber kit
  • MSA fresh air ducts
  • eBay 3 Core Alloy Rad
  • MSA Fairlady Z glovebox emblem
  • MSA centre console emblem
  • Carter 4070 fuel pump
  • Restore Kameari Style front air dam
  • PMC 3" exhaust system
  • Twin 12" thermo fans
  • 4 Tins of kill rust matt black for the engine bay
  • Subaru R180 LSD 3.9 & 4.4
  • Genuine front diff mount
  • Front and Rear strut bars
  • 2 x 4 point harness
  • 5" AutoMeter Monster Tach in black

I have so far not had any time to put many of these in between moving house, going to Japan and pulling my stock L24 out (2.5 Hours by myself including removing carbs and exhaust yeww). I have some pics here and there of different bits, including the Z with the engine pulled out, which i should get around to putting up, while removing the rego from my existing pics after talking to Johnny.

I also have more photos from Rocky Auto, Star Road Japan and RWB from my last Japan trip if anyone is interested in seeing them. There are a stack from the first trip i haven't put up too, like Toyota museum Nagoya and Odaiba Nostalgic Car Swap Meet.

I also have some pretty cool stickers from the above workshops if someone can think of a good place i can put them on my car.

I need motivating people! Working bee at my house?


Any ideas on what a set of 16x8 +4 rota RB-Rs with 225/50 tyres all round would be worth?  ;D

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Nice work mate, look out for the carter though, they can be very very very noisy

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