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Classic Japan Car Show - November 20th 2011, Yarra Bend Park

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Hi all


Thought I would join up and invite you all to our event, as we would love to see a few tidy z cars turn up!


The Toyota Car Club of Australia (Victoria) is proud to announce the first annual Classic Japan Car Show in Melbourne.


To be held on November 20th 2011, it will be a gathering of enthusiasts of all classic Japanese marques.


Our venue will be Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield, Victoria and the show will be open to entrants from 8am to 9am, and then members of the public from 9am-1pm. Enter the venue via Yarra Bend Park Rd from Heidelberg Rd, and watch out for the speed humps.


Entry will be via a gold coin donation with proceeds going to beyondblue.


We are limited to 80 cars on display this year, so we are looking for a really good cross section of original and modified Japanese classics, 25 years and older.


There will be a sausage sizzle on the day and a coffee van for those looking for a caffeine hit.


We are hoping that this becomes an annual event and grows to be a real celebration of our favourite cars. Its a grass venue so it can be a relaxed family affair if you are so inclined.


If you have any questions, please ask away, other wise we look forward to seeing you on the day.


Thanks go to Parks Victoria for their support of the event.


Picture of the location:




Link to Google Maps for the location:


Deep Rock Picnic Area - Google Maps


Please represent car enthusiasts in the best manner possible by refraining from all anti-social "hoon" behaviour both in the venue and in the area around it.



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Sounds like a great day out. Going to a good cause.

Count me in.

What happens if more than 80 cars turn up ???

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Planning is coming along nicely for Classic Japan, hope everyone is out with the polish getting their cars ready.


It looks like we are going to have a massive turn out of cars which is great.


Please bear in mind that we only have space for 120 cars on show on the grass, so we really are looking for top quality cars for this event. If we get a stack more cars, there will be plenty of overflow space in the carpark for the rest of the classics to congregate (175 spots according to the Parks Victoria website) so this will be one of those shows where the carpark is just as interesting as the show proper.


One other thing to note is that once the cars are in on the grass at 9am, there is to be no movement of them until 1pm. That is a condition of our use of the ground. So if you want to be in, you are in for the full 4 hours.


In other news, we now have support from Shannons for the event, so thanks to them, and Chroma Canvas will be there taking photos on the day and are offering a special prize on the day.


If you have any questions about the event, please email me - adamlaws1974@bigpond.com or send me a PM


I will post the flyer up in the first post now. Hope to see some of you there!

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Great to see there is some interest.. saxon you should bring your car for the carpark even if it doesnt go on show on the grounds!


Just a few notes for everyone:


Our venue is Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield and you can access the park via Yarra Bend Road, off Heidelberg Rd. Google Maps and TomTom both try to get you there via the Eastern Freeway depending on where you are coming from, but as there is no exit ramp this is no good, so keep an eye out for that.


Entrants will need to be in between 8am and 9am, no exceptions. There are no allocated slots so we will be picking the best 120 cars to go on the grounds as they roll up. Make sure your ride is nice and shiny! There is a big car park attached to the grounds as well, so any one who doesn’t make the cut will still get plenty of exposure to every one rolling up for the event.


Entry is by gold coin (or more!) donation to beyondblue, and the show is open to the public between 9am and 1pm. Please note if you are on show, you have made a commitment to be on show right through to 1pm, so if you are planning on leaving early, please park in the car park.


There will be a sausage sizzle on the day, or bring your own picnic, and a coffee van will also be on site. We will also have Chroma Canvas taking photos of everyone’s cars with their models, and Shannons Insurance will be on hand to discuss all things insurance.


If you have any questions, please contact Adam Laws via email (preferred) adamlaws1974@bigpond.com or 0413 001 666.


See you there!

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Unfortunetly I have too much work on the go in the workshop, so I have to give this a miss.

I hope it's a great Day :)

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Hi guys, not sure how many of you were at the show today, but any that came thank you for coming, it was a really good event. There were definitely some nice Zed cars on display.


Who would have thought we would be getting sunburnt today after yesterday's weather.


Big thanks to Toyota, Shannons and Chroma Canvas for supporting the event, and even bigger thanks to the club members who spent their time BBQ'ing, selling raffle tickets, directing traffic etc etc.


We couldn't have hoped for a better show for a first up effort, so we are stoked.


I tried to get around and take a photo of every car. I think I succeeded, but if I missed you many humble apologies.


Here are a few of my favourites



Cosmo - Awesome!



Loved this Mazda SS - great shape and so clean!



The orange Datsun 1600 was just amazing. So bright, so clean, and not a twin cam turbo engine in sight!



Mmmm carbs



Supercharged Mighty Boy! So glad these two came.. they made my day!



I am with gmonkey.. this was a sweet first gen Civic



This is cool as, makes me want to follow through on my early Hilux ideas....



Ken from Queensland... yes Queensland... drove all the way for our show. How cool is that?



I love a good wagon! And this is a GOOD wagon!



I love this one too.. just cos its mine!



Sooo many Isuzus to choose from, their support was awesome. I love the Wasp!



These guys trailered this down from Ballarat. How cool is it?!



Great to have some Prince's in attendance too



Mmmmm Zed goodness



More Honda awesomeness



One of the wilder cars on show.. and he won the Chroma Canvas raffle!



Honda Life, yes please. And the Suzuki guys thought they would have smallest engines on the day. No such luck!



Love Justin's Crown



Publica Ute



Toyota Century. The fold down passenger seat was cool



I could keep going and going but I won't. All the rest are here!




If you want to see more photos of the day gripshiftslide.com - Australian Motorsport Car Culture have got some great shots on their facebook page, and Chroma Canvas - Premium Racing Artwork will also be putting their shots up in the next day or two.

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I managed to get there, but it was after 12pm. Had a quick walk around, some nice selection of cars, there were some empty spots where, i guess some had gone.



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Great day and a well organised event.


There were a few other S30s there, Daniel Moore and Len Brennan brought the race cars out. There were also 4 very clean 280zx's on display.

Katokid and Evan also came for a look. 


I think the organisors ended up getting 120+ cars on the oval which is a great effort for a first time event.

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Well done.  A great effort for a great cause.  I can only see this event growing as word of mouth spread.  Keep up the great work!

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