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Time to introduce my car and me

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I think the last of the early type shells was around #00480-512 ish.


I could be wrong, i was just going on the  Zhome.com Right Rand Drive Register early 240z's  the 71 completed dates seem to start  at HS 3000373 and there is even one at HS3000280 which i think is defiantly wrong.  I also have HS 3000521 (the gold car i have as my Avatar) and she is defiantly a 1971 even thought she is logbooked as a 70


these links also help http://www.zshop.net.au/240tech.htm and this http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php?topic=6937.0



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A belated welcome from a fellow  Trarlgonite. If you are down the street drop in to my shop and say hello. I own the Lighting shop in Hotham street. Or ask one of the Chris from Auto barn he know where I can be found because I never far away. 



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