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Classic car event Eastern Creek, Sydney 21 August

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Bugger, sounded like it was a race meet, but it is a "display" day ie a show and shine, probably on the concrete pad at rear of pit area.


If it had races I'd be there for shivers and g giggles ( can I say shi ts and giggles!)

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Went out there Sunday and went round in a few hours. Zed Club and Datsun Car Club were there on the northern side of the track and Classic Rally Club were south of the pit strait and in the midst of all the rest of the clubs/car groups.

Went around in a few hours and found it OK for the range of cars etc but very little interest from anyone to talk about their cars or the clubs. Most of the people there seemed to be wanting to stay away from anyone who wandered up to talk. As I haven't rejoined/affiliated with any club since returning from working overseas, I was interested to have a chat to see what was being done in the way of calendar activity etc but seems that wasn't to be. Perhaps will focus on the website rather than talk to anyone. 

Anyway, worth the day out and a wander.


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