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260z heater/cooler controls

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well i got another set of gauges and have taken the green tinter bit out from inside each one which makes them like an orangy pinky colour....white i decide what colour i want to make them, i was wanting to make it so i could change the colour from a switch but then i'd have to run more wires and junk so i think i'll stick to one for now.


anyway i was wanting to do the same thing to the heater controls but can't even find where you put the globes into it...so i thought mayb you had to remove the unit from the dash so i've undone the screws holding it onto the braket at the front so its all loose but its still being held in by something at the back, just wondering what i need to do.


also is the piece of plastic around the headunit seperate from the centre consol? to me it looks like it is but it seems to b stuck onto it...just wondering what the deal is with it also before i try to take out the centre consol which i'd like to do to change the gear shift boot bit but i've heard its hardish to do because of the choke?


thanks for any input -evan

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