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Beers and Bullshit after Lapz

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As Lurch is making the trip up from way down Mexico way, and will be staying at my place for the weekend, it's about time for a beer and bullshit session to continue after Lapz.


The notice is late, but this is the first day in the office near a nerd box for two weeks, so here are the details:


The place will be my place at Ashgrove, nice and central to all in Brisvegas to come and poke fun at the Mexican.


Basically, bring yourselves, a chair and some beverages. The BBQ can be fired up if you want, or I have a selection of fine cuisines from around the world within a 2 minute walk. Was thinking if the weather isn't condusive to BBQ, then pizzas could be the go, as I have one of Brisbane's best pizza shops a couple of hundred metres away.


Start time would be when we got home from Lakeside.


Food would start depending on what was wanted and when.


The only other planned event would be the idiot box being on One HD to watch our Mark up against that Bloody German in qualifying.


Those heading further on, there is plenty of parking across from my place, plus it would be good to upset the neighbours with lots of Zeds after having a visit from some uniformed gentlemen after taking mine out for a quick 200m test of clutch and plugs under load.


If you would like to come along, either pm me through here, I have phone access, or see me on Saturday,to get details of address and so on.



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Is that this Saturday Matt? I would love to come along but I'm too far behind with uni assignments :s If it's in a couple of weeks time I could make it. Would be good to have a drink with old Lurchos

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