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Crookwell run Sunday

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Dust has been washed off the Z and tuned, so this Sunday two Zeds will be heading off to Crookwell for a cruise, weather permitting.  If you haven't made any plans and would like to tag along, details are below.


Destination: Crookwell

Meeting Point:  Carpark opposite McDonalds Dickson (on Anthill street)

Meeting Time: 9:30am Sunday 22nd

Departing Time: 10:00am

Duration: Approx 4 hours return to Canberra


If the plans change due to the weather, I'll post up the cancellation that morning.  Fingers crossed the weather will hold out and we'll see a posse of Zeds!  See ya there!

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What a great day!  Couldn't ask for better weather and we encountered a nice surprise at Wakefield.  Check out the pics.  ;D





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some of my pics...


most ferraris approx 1min.07 secs

lambo gallardo 1.06

911 GT  1.04

audi v8s 1.08

also a brand new V8 turbo AMG merc....sounded incredible.. lots of Lotuses...it was just like an episode of top-gear !!

easily 7-8 mill worth of cars !!

this was a private booking by Ferrari dealers from sydney, who invited some others along...

we parked our pair of 240z behind the sheds  :P





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