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Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

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Woohoo! Had a great weekend (well Sunday anyway) at Bathurst Challenge. There was talk at CB about the ranking of this track in the world but I think it is the greatest circuit I have driven and the climb up and down the mountain are such a buzz. 

Congratulations to the Qld Z club for the organisation of our group E and for their dedication to the sport reflected in their fast cars and drivers.


My car 71 has a

Stewart Wilkins built car, engine L30 about 218hp at wheels.

GTR Brakes



Yokohama A050 mediums 


Bathurst.      best time 19/11/2017

2:47.3  (last year 2:52.3)


Talk at CB was to re enter for the Phillip Island Historics in March where I think we did a 1:58, but now I think I could take turn 1 flat. Will consult with her indoors.


Wakefield 1:11


I found at Bathurst that for each run I would ask a fast guy how you tackled a certain part and worked on that. Not take on too much advice. Hence flat out through kink and hold flat for half way into chase. Therefore I still need to go for a few more years to get all the track worked out.


Don't think we had as much carnage as last year which is amazing considering the wet Saturday (50mm rain), so hope there is not too much pain out there.




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Stupid me did the Tampered Strayaday trackday in 35 going on 50 deg heat in my car, 2000% humidity so the BBQ was in my car. Was a fun day, had a friend there with his Porsche mates so felt it was my duty to uphold the Z badge. Only got beaten by three GT3s club cars though, man they are quick through the turns but they couldn't pass on the straights - Ha suffer in ya jocks!

Was almost 10KPH slower on the straights but managed to get a new PB of 1:20.4 so it was a good day.



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