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National Automobile Museum of Tasmania Needs a 240z

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Hi everyone this is a message I received today from Phil Costello at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania




My name is Philip Costello and I am the manager of the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. Starting March 30 and running for three months our museum is exhibiting on our feature floor "ICONS OF MOTORING". In this exhibition I will have 8-9 iconic cars from various countries. I would love to have a Datsun 240z as the Japanese icon but have been unable to find a suitable original car in excellent condition. I am wondering whether you may know of a car in Tasmania or someone in Victoria that may be prepared to bring their car across for this exhibition. Our museum is widely regarded as one of Australia`s finest and our rotating theme displays receive publicity from many magazines and television. Can you help me?


If anyone has an original 240z (ideally an early Z ie:1970 series 1) with original hubcaps etc.. This would be a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure for the website and promote ownership of the 240z and 260z in Australia.


I know of a few good looking Zcars in Melbourne but I don't know if they are members of Viczcar.com.


Any help tracking down these owners would be appreciated by Philip and myself.



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Phil Costello still needs a 240z and is running out of time can anyone help?


Do we have any tassie members?



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