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What does your screen name mean thread?

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Thanks for the comments above. I was never much more than average driver but I really enjoyed my time rallying and the teamwork required in that sport. I scared the pants off a number of navigators and had a great time until they changed some rules in the mid 80's which lead me to sell my reshelled car to young guy who totaled it after a few months. It was a bit of a coincidence that the wreck was seen by one of my service crew members who swooped on the good parts and saw them off to a good home.

My original shell was knackered by 1982 and I began I rebuild project which resulted in a car that was truly beautiful - one that a State Champion driver said he could another championship to his achievements if I was to lend it to him. The old rolling shell and cage was sold to a talented local identity as a wreck - he stuck a rotary motor in it and became the only Dazda to ever win a WA State Rally Championship.

I currently have three licensed zeds - one a sporty two seater that I am overjoyed with. A 2+2 for touring and another 2+2 for chasing cows around the paddock. Will post in another thread with pics once I learn how ro reduce the size of photo files.

Love the info and support I receive from this forum. Thankyou to those who contribute out there.

Best regards


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I don't think I need to explain my user name.


Love your stories Boyblunda. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful  part of the world. I grew up in WA, my parents live in Mt Barker.




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