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my car and trying to work out what to do

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i have just organised my IBL for next year, i got the place i wanted to work at (http://www.cobaltniche.com) :D its in north melbourne so i dont know if i will drive in everyday or just drive to the station and train it, or ride in (possibily bus then have an old bike chained up to ride from the stop in the city to work, hoping it doesn't rain lol) and that is the only option which doesn't require use of a car to get somewhere.


i'd like to take my car off the road sometime and play with putting another motor in it and just forget about getting rims for the moment (well probably need them to clear brakes needed to get engineers) and prob take a yr or so do it, however i could change the stud pattern and then get some second hand ones for now that suit it


now pulling my car off the road would leave me with the no car issue (might stay working at dicksmith 1 day a week, or atleast a month so that way i can keep my petrol discount and some more money on the side, and really need a car to get around due to the great public transpot system around my place) this is where it sucks the crx was written off, and i was hoping i would get paid 50% more...in which case i was going to buy another similar car small car such as an aw11 mr2, and a family friend is currently selling one...or could convince my dad to get a new car and drive around his old corolla which is about to die, in the hope someone will go into it and write it off


another option would be just to pay someone to do the conversion so i can have fun with it now, hoping they would only take a month or so to do it (wishful thinking?) i could survive without a car for that length of time, just i wouldnt learn anything about how stuff works. while if i buy another car so i can try doing the work myself, i can sell it when its no longer needed so isn't throwing money away as much


the other option is do nothing on my car, drive it into the city when needed, and save enough money to not have to work much my final yr of uni, therefore getting better results (well that would b the plan), and then start working full time again (and do a conversion then, however i dont want to regret not doing it sooner). my current thought is to do the final yr part time over 2 yrs while working at the place i've got IBL at, but it depends on their workload etc


i will probably c how the various commuting issues work out before making a decision as to what to do. my salary isn't huge (less than working at dicksmith full time :() just because of how competitive the whole thing is i assume, as basically i'd have nearly worked at this place for free due to how good an experiance it will be

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Don't worry about the time to do the resto you want to do.


If it's going to take longer, but the job will be done right with no cutting corners then take the long road.


I have a charger I am restoring for racing, it was supposed to be a six week rebuild, 6 years later it's only got to the body shop with another few weeks to go, then it will sit for a couple more years as the dollars are saved to complete it right.


As for time, I've got plenty of it because I know what the result is I want and if I rush into it to get it finished for the sake of finishing it won't be to the standard I want.


Once it is finished then I will enjoy it and know that it was worth the wait.


12 months isn't a long time in the scheme of things

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well at some stage i'd love to paint the car etc, but dont really see the need atm, it still looks nice enough from a few metres away! so i guess ultimately i'd like to just focus on one thing at a time, therefore only upgrade one bit at a time, although i have a feeling this will be more expensive?


so i can keep enjoying the car i think i will upgrade the seats just to some factory seats from a newer sports car (prob fd rx7) and the strut braces along with an LSD (should do the one from a skyline as they are stronger? or is it just they are more availible? need to read the threads more) and upgrade the brakes, which means i could also buy rims (prob will when x pays me back)


is there any huge advantage to changing to a 5 stud pattern?

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