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Peter Mac's 260Z Race Car

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Peter bought his 260Z from forum member 'GV260' 8-9 years ago as a neat, stock street spec 260Z.

But it didn't stay that way for very long...


It started off with a warmish L26 with about 150hp which was 'OK' for a while.

Then Peter got a bit excited – an FJ20et race engine with a T66 turbo (+nitrous) was fitted produce around 650hp at the tires, which eventually ran 9.9 @139MPH at Calder..

This had the effect of slightly modifying the chassis alignment – which can kinda happen with stock S30 shells...


Next the circuit bug took over & Peter decided that the Zed was going to better suited to going round some of Australia best circuits as a proper race car.

Cue a massive rebuild over the next few years, culminating in the beast you see here.





Off-White colour

Heavily stripped & lightend RS30 shell.

Comprehensive 4130 CroMo ROPS.

Flare are MASSIVE AlfaFG units moulded to the body

Front guards are FG

FG ultra light doors (3.5kg)

FG Bonnet

FG Hatch (2.5kg)

FG front splitter















AZC full track pack (refer to AZC website)

Modified BMW 3Series Power steering rack.









Front: Wilwood Superlights 6-spot, 13” rotors

Rear: Wilwood Superlight 6-spot, 12.5” rotors







2-way nismo Short-nose (GTR centre)

GTR CroMo driveshafts



R32 Skyling with Albins gearset & L-series bellhouseing

AP twin plate on custom flywheel



L28 block

CR billit crank 86mm stroke

Pauter Rods

SPS pistons

Head: N42 casting with extensive modifications to the chamber & ports.

Cam: Special turbo grind

Ex manfold: Custom steam pipe – extrudihoned

Inlet manifold: Redline manifold with custom S.TB plenum

Turbo: 700hp Borg Warner

WG: 48mm external gate

ECU: Haltech Platinum series

RacePak data logging dash
















Wheels & tires:

Custom built Harry Withham rims – 17x12”

Tires: Dunlop slicks.




Over to you Peter... ;)

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thanks Benny it been so much fun building the car. i have met so many great people along the way.

Cars like this seem to take so much time and effort but they give back a hell of allot of fun and good times.


ps. Big thanx to Lurch for coming down and helping me finally put this together.

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This build looks incredible. I've seen some of the pics you have been uploading in the gallery and I knew it was going to be a detailed build. Lots of hard work I'm sure.


How much power are you expecting to get out of the old L28? It's good to see you went the L28 route. We should definitely get the write up on the homepage once you get this thing fully assembled.

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Excellent build - looks like I need to fly over of a visit and check out some of the zed ;) and maybe bring another 3.9 R200 for you guys over there :D

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Very very nice!  What sort of events do you plan to do?


Chapel St Laps...hehehe..

Seriously, very nice build there Peter. Like everyone else has said, can't wait til its finished and running!

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Hi all,

I have a big oil cooler for the power steering that fits beside the intercooler to help with the overheating oil.

I have put the same cooler on most of our comp cars with good results.

For what events i will be in i hope to be chasing all my friends around at sprint meetings and some hill climbs.

Eventually i will modify it to comply with sports cars closed.

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Good work Peter, would be great if I could see this beast in the flesh.....  ;D

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Any more photos of your screamer pipe exiting the engine bay?

Looks like it exits near the battery tray in the first picture, but then cannot see it in the next photo showing a larger area of the front wheel well.


Does it reconnect to the exhaust pipe or does it just dump into the wheel well.


Can see it in this photo


But not this one


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Hi Peter,


So what spring rates are you going to run with your AZC coilover setup?? Those red items look the ones Dave sends with the kit = 250lb? or did you order with more lb/in?




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with slicks I think you will find the lighter springs will work better - well that is what I have seen on track cars here in NZ

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thanks  i will try when i see the track .i run 250lb in the 240 we race with grate results .but we all so run one with big slicks that runs 750lb springs .it runs a v8 tho.  :) we can only try.

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For those of you who maybe interested, some history of Pete’s car is as follows:

• I purchased the car for $7,300 in 1988 from a fellow NDSOC member (Harry somebody!) It was my second Z.

• It was a stock 260Z but had some minor mechanical improvement re 240 carbs, bigger jets, increased compression and extractors.

• Built in Dec ‘75 it was an early 260 coupe (ie non-fluted bonnet). It still had the original reg’n - IKS260. It was my daily driver.

• A new stereo was fitted soon afterwards.

• Not long after I bought it the heater core burst resulting in a warped head which led to a motor rebuild.

• The rebuild was done by a mechanic in the small country town of Corowa NSW where I lived. However, the mechanic just happened to be Steve Kaitler who previously worked for Nissan Motorsport and was a key team member that built the all conquering Group C Bluebird that George Fury put on pole at Bathurst in 1984!

• On a limited budget, the rebuild took the 260 block out to 2.85ltrs and the E88 head was heavily ported with bigger valves and increased compression (10:1). On the dyno it made 105kw at the rears. Not bad given it was only running the 240 carb’s and off the shelf Genie extractors.

• Car was then resprayed in March 1990 after a minor bingle, removing the C pillar badges and rear bumper, smoothing out the rear, filling the panel gap between the front fender and headlight surround, Ford XY GTHO phase 3 door mirrors and adding an Alfa Glass front spoiler.

• Car was also modified to fit Skyline R31 read discs, BMW front callipers and rotors, heavy duty springs, an alloy half roll cage, Recaro seats, Nismo steering wheel and Enkei Nismo branded 15x6.5 rims.

• Lap times at Calder were 76’s and PI 1.30’s.

• A change of jobs in 1996 resulted in me getting a company car so the Z was garaged with the intent of converting it into a track/tarmac rally car.

• Overseas travel and house reno’s meant the Z stayed in the garage with no use and slowly got worst for it, both body and mechanical wise.

• The Z was eventually removed from the shed in early 2002 and given to Datrally/PowerPlay to get it roadworthy. Over the next couple of months I started pouring money into, mainly upgrading brakes, diff etc with the intent of building my dream Z.

• As the work was progressing, Andrew Dunne (a NDCOS member) put his 240Z early build #408 track car up for sale as he was establishing a new business and had twins on the way and needed the cash. Andrew’s car was not complete but essentially the modifications/improvements I was doing to mine were the ones he had not done to his and vice versa so I thought I would build one really good 240 out of the two and sell the 260.

• This is where Pete or more precisely his lovely wife (then girlfriend) came into the picture and she purchased the 260 from me (with Pete’s blessing of course!!!). How lucky is Pete having a wife who not only is a petrol head but a Z fan?

• So the 260 on sale had pretty much been reverted back to stock except for the above motor mods and heavy duty springs. The rear brakes had been converted back to drums although I did sell a heap of spares with the car that included another R31 rear set up. The interior changes all stayed with the 260Z.


Since the sale I have raced the 240 in both the Vic Circuit State Racing series and done some Tarmac Rallies. Over the last 2 ¼ years this car has also undergone a complete restoration removing every single panel including the roof, A pillars, rear quarters, etc, etc and had every single mechanical component rebuilt. Yes a COMPLETE rebuild in every sense of the word. The car is almost finished with only the engine to be dyno and interior put back in. In fact if not for selling & the buying a new house recently it would have been finished several months ago but is probably still 2 months away form being complete. It is sort of funny how both of “my” two Z’s have undergone complete rebuilds over the last 2 years but from different angles with Pete’s being purely track focused and no restrictions on mod’s versus my 240 being built to CAMS tarmac rally spec’s and thus limited in what mod’s could be done. I look forward to when Pete and I can line both Z’s up side by side all finished for some pics to compare them to how they were in 2002 as per attached photo.


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