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Need help tracking down heater parts - where is the best place to go

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I just got that sinking feeling.


My Zed has some blocked off and redirected heater pipes.  Did not think much about it since I was doing a full restore anyway, but think I now know why pipes were re-directed.


Will double check, but suspect I will shortly be posting for something similar....





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BUGGER!  As soon as I order one for $254, people come out of the woodwork with mint condition ones!


Hah, don't worry it will help someone on here no doubt.


To summarise my findings as at July 2010:


1) these valves are NLA from nissan.  They're not making them anymore.

2) Barry (Baz) from datsport (adelaide) may be the batman of obscure datsun parts.  He specialises in 510 stuff (datsun 1600) but there is a brand new valve on its way to me now.

3) there is a place in the US, Washington DC, called datsunstore.com run by "zman" (a guy named Oliver).  Google doesn't really turn it up but I saw a link on the US zed site.  They can rerfurb your valve, but you have to send them the core.  Once you factor in postage there, postage back, and the cost of the rebuild, it might be lineball with the one I'm getting from Baz, but a lot more screwing around.  But in any case I'll be holding onto my messed up core.


So my main point is, people, if you can get hold of these valves in whatever condition do it because they're only getting rarer.  Having a core at least gives you options in terms  of rebuilding.

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Here are the links/email addys to the US guy and his email response to me (I asked if they could sell me a rebuilt unit outright but they're low on cores, apparently)






Andrew, we're very low on those particular cores so we're not able to ship them outside the US. The only way we can do it is if you send us your core and we'll rebuild it and send it back to you. Turn around time is usually only a week or two for us to do that service. Shipping it via the postal service is the least expensive way to do it. For us to ship back to you using Priority shipping, the cost is 32.66 + 25.00 handling fee which comes to a total of 57.66. It will cost less for you to ship the core to us than it will to ship the rebuilt valve back to you. You may look into it at your local postal facility.


I'd suggest either waiting until summer (for you), disconnect your heater, remove the valve from your car and send it to us, or temporarily bypass it right now using some copper tubing to take place of the vacuum valve. You can temporarily just use your mechanical valve to control water flow while the vacuum valve is gone.


Once we receive your valve core we'll contact you by e-mail. Then you can make a deposit directly to our paypal account in US funds. We'll rebuild it and send it back to you as soon as we can. That will tie up less of your money than if you order the valve directly through the store. The only way that the store can calculate for you directly, it would charge you the core charge and shipping via UPS which is considerably more of course.    Z man

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picture of spare heater tap for a 260z. Let me know if you are interested


Hey mate, looks like I need it - the one Baz got in was the wrong one.


Will shoot you a pm.



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