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Shunt removal

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Was wondering if anyone has removed the Shunt from their 260Z and put in a volt meter. Am doing a V8 conversion and want to clean up the wiring a bit. Any help?

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yep easy to do! gauges are alomost a direct swap for the 260z, but 240z a diff story.


the voltmeter is std on a few 260's ive seen with a warning light in the gauge.


i have a chev in my 240z, using 260z wiring in the engine bay as i could not find suitable 240z engine harnes with the right connectors (early model loom) so i just used a 2+2 engine loom and made a go between loom for the 240z <==> 260z looms,


took a while and there are differences in the way certain things are wired ie windscreen washer/jets motor and the voltage regulator.


if you want to clean up the loom remove all the ignition and unused foglamp wires, aswell as the transistor for the ignition and run the ign wire through the tacho like the 240z does so you still have a tacho, just needs calibrating to read correct revs for the v8.




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