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Rust Free Panel & Paint (Brisbane Body Shop)

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Hey guys,


Here are the details of my mate Sahin's (just say Shaun) business "Rust Free Panel & Paint" located in Stafford Brisbane.


His business does good work and have experienced painters; their prices reflect this.


Rust Free Panel & Paint

31 Wolverhampton Street, Stafford, QLD 4053

p: (07) 3356 5900  f: (07) 3356 5977


Here are some photographs he took of my car during the painting process:






Here is the final product that I was very happy with:






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hey steve


car looks awesome


i noticed you have the quarter window trim paint black are you doing the door trim as well




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Actually you've got it in reverse, I've just had the door trim taken back to steel and I am getting the quarter windows done as soon as I can get replacement rubbers. My mates business is replacing the rubbers and polishing the steel for me when I take the car back for the free '4 weeks after new paint buff' that will remove any imperfections in the new paint.


Check out my thread in the project section for more details.

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