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Mark 1 240Z [color=red][u][b]SOLD[/b][/u][/color]

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For Sale SOLD

Very early build Mark 1 240z hs3000300.

Currently on rotisserie and totally stripped of all parts.  Rotisserie is included in sale if required.

Car was a rally car and spent most of its rallying life in New Guinea. It has had a bit of a knock around as you would expect from a rally car but is in very good condition considering.  Roll cage has been 90% removed.

New floors and rails just fitted.  Brand new bonnet, guards and door skins. 

Original 240z c/ratio g/box. Fuel injected L28 from 280ZX, Locked R180 diff and open centre diff.

Parts not included are wiring harness or any interior trim.

Please phone for details.



Bunbury WA

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This is a photo just before the car was stripped. I will try and arrange one on the rotisserie.  The rotisserie is include in sale if required.


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What parts aren't available? Are you referring to mechanical parts or the body parts?


We have a For Sale template as well as a set of rules for posting, it would be good if you could have a look at these and amend your first post when you get a chance.





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