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Largest Legal Wheel Size

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Well if you want a daily driver that you can use for as long as possible then the most logical choice would be to get the 16" superlites.


- This would mean you would have minimal hassles for RWC.

- The wheels are well priced.

- You don't need to spend additional cash on body work for flares, ie cutting and welding rear arches.

- As a daily driver the superlites would be a little lower key in the way of strees for theft. I know your still at school and you've gotta park all over the place so it can be of concern. When you finish uni maybe then think about modifying the car as much as you like, ie flares, wide wheels etc.

- You retain the period look with those wheels like the yellow car above and now that it will be sitting lower the addition of a set of wheels would look pretty tough.

- Seeing the car would still have a period look with superlites you will avoid police more than a set of really wide 17's with flares. Lie low whilst your on your P's!

- Once you fix your car up if your plans are to buy a "cheaper" car at a later point be careful, as once the Z is fixed it can be a very reliable daily driver. I used mine as a daily driver for about 5 years and never had any issues. If you buy a cheap bomb it could cost you if it's a lemon. Z's are relativley cheap cars compared to going out and buying a new Barina or Corrolla say which would deprciate a huge amount real quick.


My rational for the points above, based on my experience, is to enjoy the car as much as you can now. You need to be realistic about what you will and can achieve so your motivation does'nt burn out. Having the car sit in the garage for too long can turn into a real bummer. Get some nice wheels to get it looking nice and just drive it for the next few years. It'll look good, you'll have fun and if you've still got it in afew years and your making good money then go ape shit with it!



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you sure give a good argument for what i was already half thinking, then i half want the wide rims, i just held the flares up against the car and it looks soooo nice, but yeah mayb to much attention for a daily driver with p plates!


i'm going to put my xenon lights back in so i can actully see again, as stocks are scary dark, so thats making me think since i can get defected for them, i may as well have rims taht i can be defected for...but then superlites still sell for a reasonable price second hand so wouldn't b a huge loss if i changed my mind, and easier to change my mind about the rims than uncutting the flares! which i'm sure my neighbour would help out with so it wouldnt b a huge issue after that write up on hybridz


the zed has been pretty cheap to run while i've had it, its just really been petrol thats becoming an issue, which is where it would have been good if a tow truck driver hadn't gone into the back of the crx...although its at the age where things are just starting to break. it would take a fair bit of stuff to go wrong with the zed to reach the price of buying a newer car though!


i think i should just hurry up and do one or the other already!

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hey all i was just reading bout u wanting to use wider tyre but the width may attract police due to the flair but these anothe option that u could do that gives u flairs but make it look standed when i bought my zd it had flaired guards but they look like it how the car is supose to be u couldnt even tell they wherent ment to be like that heres some pics i gotta get some better 1ns since the old zd looks better :lol: btw im using 235/14"/55 high





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If you are buying new superlites, they can be ordered from the factory with an offset that will keep your track legal.

I'm on 5 stud so wheels easier to find second hand from Nissans,Toyota, Ford, I scored a set of cheap 16X7 Ford mags with the right offset from ebay for those times I need to be Legal.

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