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260z struts into a 240z

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Hey just wondering... Is it possible to replace the struts of a 240z with that of a a 260z without much fuss as i'm under the impression that the strut diametre of the 240z are 50mm and the 260z are 55mm making the inserts a great deal easier and maybe cheaper to purchase???


Also someone mentioned something about moving the diff back in this process???


Any help would be greatly appreciated...




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Fronts are exactly the same for the 240z / 260z


After 06/1974 (or a 2+2) the rears are not the same. However we have adapted the 240z rears into the back of a 260z without much of a problem.


We use Z31 300zx Koni's in the front of the 240/260z, as they are externally adjustable.


Hope this helps

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