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Exhaust Studs

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Hi All  ;D

I took the Zed to a track day the other week at Oran Park and had a wale of a time, such a pity it's getting demolished  :-[

Anwayz, one of the problems that arose was a large exhaust leak around the no.1 cyclinder flange. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the second hand extractors I put on had a warp on that flange. It didn't show up on daily driving, but obviously the track driving was a bit too much for it.

I've fixed the flange, but am now having trouble tracking down suitable replacement exhaust studs >:(

The ones REPCO sell are 38mm(too small) and the factory ones are 48mm. Nissan don't stock them anymore and Warren(All Z Parts) is having trouble tracking some down as well.

Does anyone know where I can get these from?

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Any good exhaust shop has heaps of them...Never had a problem getting my hands on them.


Autopro homebush.

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