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Bushes/Rubbers, what do buy and where to get it from??

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I need basically the whole cars suspension redone, bushes id like to start with, all buy a few are either cracked, or about to crack under some pressure...


I want to go urathane, and i know you can get some adjustability out of these in some areas of the car....


Energy Supension sell a kit for the 240, which is 180US, ive gone though most of the parts catalogs for australian brand urathne bushes and havn't been able to find a kit for the whole car, so can anyone help me out??? what have you done, or what are you thinking of doing...


strut wise, if it matters, will be shortend struts with coil over sleeves... if that makes a differance... but i need to get the bushes for a RW anyway

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I got all mine from GT Suspension on Mt Alexander Road Flemington back in 2002. From memory they were made in Qld. Give them a call 93760777.



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might go there on the way to work tommorow, i bought a few things from them over the years for other cars, and they are helpful, will asked them...

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well going from there website...



Control arm - inner F 2 1 N51945

Radius rod F 4 1 N81147 12.8mm I.D.

Radius rod F 2 1 N81075 16mm I.D.

Steering coupling F 1 1 N11044 Fitting kit supplied

Steering rack mounts F 2 1 N12075

Sway bar - link F 8 1 N21135

Sway bar - mount 22mm F 2 1 N21332 22mm - measure bar size

Diff.mount moustache brace R 2 1 N91045 Incl. crush tubes

Trailing arm - inner R 4 1 N61946

Trailing arm - outer R 4 1 N61948

Trailing arm - inner(adjustable) R 4 1 N62145 Toe/camber adjustable

that is all the parts that they have for the 70-74 240z, be the same for 260 as well, i presume....


i'll see during the week what gt suspensions want for all these parts, with the 22mm sway bar, they also got the adjustable rear trailing arm part which is better for the lowred vehicles, if gt suspension is around the same price, im just going to get it from noltec, and get it locally



The energy suspension Hyper-Flex package, goes on ebay for $185US which is AU$240 +postage, say $40, = Au$280 for what is below


This set includes

front and rear control arm bushings,

front strut rod bushings,

front and rear bump stops,

rack and pinion bushings

, differential carrier mustache bar bushings

, steering coupler bushings,

front end links and tie rod end boots

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For Noltec












This is using only 1 radius rod bush, no 22mm sway bar D bush (will come with whiteline bar), and the non adjustable bushes for the Rear trailing arms. You will be hard pressed to find a better price on those parts, i promise....


For Superpro

SPF1215K - $55 - F Control Arm

SPF0050K - $15 - F Steering Coupling

SPF0033K - $30 - F Steering Rack Mount

SPF0927K - $40 - F Radius Rod

SPF0246K - $65 - R X-member




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