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L28 build

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Hi,long time reader,first time poster.

I bought Oldmates 2602+2 a few months ago with the intention to just tidy up the interior,pull the l26 out and freshen the motor up a bit.


After driving it around for a few weeks I figured that even with a freshen up on the l26 I would not be happy with the performance.I wanted to stick with the L series engine,and decided to gradually start collecting parts to put together a L28 engine that would give me solid reliable performance,and not cost an arm and a leg to build.


Firstly I came across an f54 block with an n42 head,then a set of triple dellortos on match ported manifold,and a arp clutch assembly.


Have stripped l28 down ,will get crank reground,new big end bearings,con rod bearigs,full bottom end balance,flywheel lightened,bores are in good condition,which brings me to my first question,should I stick with the dished pistons,or go for flat top pistons?


Cylinder head will be stock N42,72 degree cam,thicker lash pads,heavier valve springs,just a decoke and grind the valves in as they are in good condition.Maybe some port work further down the track.


pulled the dellortos apart to check on condition,and also to check jet and emulsion tube numbers.Condition was good,and all the numbers were almost identical to Sulios on his spreadsheet on the forum,which brings me to my next couple of questions,there is no provision on the dellortos for vacuum advance,what would I have to do to overcome this,will I have to have a return fuel line to the tank?I will be using the stock mechanical pump with a pressure regulator.Thanks for reading,any advice would be appreciated,ta

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