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i think my bearings need replacing, something in my steering definately does (the steering wheel shakes about 2cm when in a "null zone", like on freeways etc, when i turn though it stops, although sometimes slight turning is worse) and then i'd LIKE to upgrade my brakes and get coilovers along with an lsd, my question is has anyone looked into the price of doing this all at once via like s13 or r33 parts which i know has been done, or whichever supra IRS that was talked about in that zedbra article (which i can't find any info on) instead of all seperately?


just since lsds are like $1000+, brakes like atleast $750 for front and rear discs? coilovers approching $3000...so thats the price of a silvia...


and then i assume you could run just standard rims off whichever car you got the parts off so eliminates having to have rarer rims with a low offset...but then that destroys the lip :(


i know that it would be a fair bit of custom work...but to some degree it seems like it would be less, particually if swapping in an engine from one of these cars...almost seems like you could buy a complete car (say a 1990 tt supra) and steal all the parts from it and sell the bits you dont need and still have spent about the same all up after the engine conversion etc!


either way i'm still going to get the koni's in and fix the steering, just thinking about if i should do small bit's here and there or just save up and do it all at once

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