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Did the photos from the post work??  Or is it just me?


I love this build post.  Please keep it up.


Its just you.  Although they weren't working for me the other day either.

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Pardon the delay with posts,


today I will receive a lovely new inverting TIG welder so I dont have to wait forever for some monkey to weld each little Ally part item as I go along.


As that crazy Mel Gibson proclaimed,



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today I will receive a lovely new inverting TIG welder so I dont have to wait forever for some monkey to weld each little Ally part item as I go along.


Welding aluminium is great fun.  Have never regretted buying my AC tig....  Enjoy!

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Awsome. Going quite well.


Looks like another bump to overcome with the awd setup  >:(


Its going to be one mad  Z.



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yip, too much going on and no action up the back section......


Chop chop then!






































































The toyota TA22 gets a forged engine now with the ex zed Garrett 3082R turbo, same injectors and a new tune and 1.6bar after run in.


I am moving forward on the basis that the zed club would refuse the fact a 4cyl 2.0L Toyata would be as grunty as a zed, in any engine guise with Gaijin. Fark that.....


Enter larger turbo.


Enter stroker, new clutch, bigger injectors, ex.manifold etc


Have purchased new workshop equipment to handle most of the new transitions....


Toyota (Gaijin plate) will be 350 rwkw = 550 flywheel hp +/-


Ex- Gaijin (new plate = DTHWSH = 440 rwkw = 680 flywheel hp +/-





Pardon the delay, been chasing monkeys in Malaysian forests, and Malaysian giant lizards chasing me....


Avoid the locals during Ramadam sheesh! Mo disrespect intended, but hell......they ,move for hungry people.....




And I for some mere progress..

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Like Godzilla in hibernation, it must wake up some time right...


The help came in the form of the Toyota moving house for a while so I can focus on the where the heck I left the zed in terms of works.


I remember a heap of issues all over the place and getting a bit overwhelmed.


SO after a good clean out of the garage, spread all the parts out over the floor, I thought to tackle some easier, smaller jobs to start.


Remove doors and strip again. Note all parts that should be replaced with NOS. Order $4k of parts from USA and Japan for doors, windows, little rubber bits all over the place, badges etc etc.


Some have arrived, new window mechanisms for wipers at front. Rebuild the lot. Test motor ok.


Bought some nappa leather and upholster bits inside.


I've sold off the water air intercooler and turbo as neither of them Im happy with. A new air/air cooler is n the front now.

Testing a new ex manifold for fitment. Doesnt really.


Once doors are in perfect shape in/out the more exciting parts come in the way of fabricating a new manifold to fit a Borg Warner EFR 8374 turbo.


Probably the best on the market now.



It means I can ditch the wastegate and blow off valve in one step. Making room for other stuff.


Im still contracting, at the airport doing development there, I still get some flexibility with hours. Coming up to summer, the Toyota will be re-wired (where it is now) and ready for summer driving. Next winter it gets a new engine, new electric/hydraulic power steering, super wide wheels and wiiiide overfenders on wiiider semi slicks.

Once tyhe Toyota is back from wiring, the Zed is next, hence the push to get the fidly bits done before then.


I'll post some pics next time, mostly of zed parts and zed projectrs in most of the rooms of the house.... :lol:

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To aid productivity to the zed, get rid of the culprit! Free some space up in the garage too.

I've spent the last 2.6 years working on this car, thats what I've been up to. That and house renovations and working and family etc. Promise. ANyway, time to move on Celica, you have had your time black death.

4th engine, 3rd turbo, 4th throttle body, 2nd injector set, 2nd rear end rebuild, 5th gearbox, 3rd interior re-trim/re-build ETC ETC.







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I bought some 280zx headlights to use the H4 lights instead of the sealed units of the stock car.

They share the same headlight bucket which helps. Had to modify the steel panel thats joined to the f.glass guards. Bit of grinding and they are in. Drilled holes to mount lights, which are close to being right with the g nose back on.


This took me ages, as having recently sprayed the outside of the house, a fair bit of overspray came through the garage onto the zed. Doh. A few hours had it all off using light pressure and water. Idiot... :?






















Bought a part of the wiper arms pivot mechanism NOS, so decided to rebuild the rest of it as the grease thats gone hard mixed with sandblast residue probably not the best. Clean paint grear install. Smooth as now. Motor getting checked over now.




















I pulled out some spare napa leather I used in the CElica dash and other interior to cover some zed kick panels and doglegs. Seemed to work out ok. Used some beeswax polish stuff bought at the Taka markets to lube them super soft. Enough staples?






















Good timing with the courier, finally some new door bits. Almost everything about the doors are shagged. Windows are good, SS window frame good, some window guides ok. Thats it. Felting for door panel, window frame and outer SS trim ready to go in. Slopped silicon onto door bottom seals. Given windows a super clean and polish, paint up window structure. New window regulator arriving soon amongst all the seals, rubbers winders, door handles, window rollers, etc. Then wifey happy doors can be put away out of living room. Also bought SS nut/bolt kit for doors, hatch etc from States, flag using ancient fixings that are either orange or green from donor cars from yesteryear.....


My first zed after serious buthery....the certifier almost had a heart attack when he saw this ....evidence that Papua New Guniea is not the best atmosphere for a zed...


















Since the overly heavy, complicated and likely to block to much air flow, I ebay'd this cheap intercooler. Will do for now. Anyways, I've proven in the Celica that an undersized intercooler is ok if supplemented with cooling water meth spray. Intercoller sitting to high for airflow, will drop it 30mm.

The current mock up manifold brings 68mm turbo much further forward than the last 60mm setup. When thie BG EFR turbo arrives, it'll need to be forward, as these new thigs are really LOONG, like 350mm.


















Next jobs;

- gearshifter installed. Have short shifter around somewhere.

- Build doors as gear turns up over next week

- build up center console. Needs modification with top mounted gtr handbrake.


You can see the jobs Im doing are small to start with. Easing myself back into it....

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So some NOS stuff turned up to get into the doors,


new rhs window regulator, minor miracle to find one of these...












door card bungs,












door handles,












other things I dont know what they are called, maybe dove tails











Sprayed some Dinitrol stuff into all nook/crannies, wax cavity slime I got from the supplier who sells the stuff to the navy down Devonport for the ships there.










The doors by themselves are not really that heavy, its all the stuff going into them that loads them up. Forget the carbon doors to save weight, be easier to mould up some acrylic or polycarbonate windows.


SInce I dont have key locks, Ill need to mount a solenoid in there to the lock arm coming from the closing mechanism.










Bought a stainless steel bolt kit for the doors and front of the car. most there, but some nuts/bolts not there. I use a sniff of copper grease so they dont bind up later being dissimilar metals. The rest of the fixings I have I went and had tanked and plated again. This is ok for non structural fittings, but not so suitable for structural as there can be hydrogen embrittlement.














Door catch mechanisms, have a few, made the best one out the remains of the lot.














Where the left door stops for a moment, trying to find this little sucker to space and hold the door catch pivot. Ergh...Might go call Dave, Im sure he has a few hundred down Manukau way..part number 82515-78500 where for art thou?  Its called a collar - bell crank.

anyone out there with one spare please holla.









Windows and frames next....new felting here, but old glue in the frames is not easy to remove...


Went and had a chat with Sheepers yesterday, he is keen to make the first Celica TA22 rack an pinion power steer kit that is easily certified. As he offers this awesome service I'll keep playing with the zed. Havent heard from the Celica re-wiring as yet, no rush there then...

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otherwise just trawl yahoo japan via importmonster


ebay canada sometimes has stuff that doesnt pop up on ebay.com radar,


shop around, prices vary hugely on some parts like the regulator

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Got one door sussed, called Dave Turner for some tiny collar thats missing.


Gas pedal showed its face, along with some new strikers I ebayed

gas pedal rubber more like super hard unbendable material











Butcher it as I do so well. Kakimoto style

Keep way away from welds. put it the vice see where it bens most and keep away from that area too












Spray some acrylic etch primer then some single pack tungsten, then some decent clear












chuck a new rubber pad that slips on like a glove










strikers came up good. New ones have a spring mechanism, while the old ones had a rubber insert sort of shoved in.









As for the centre console, pretty fugly,


























Kind of after, some paint, new leather boot gator thing I got from the UK, had to trim it hard as the leather is quite thick, hard to get the clips around it all.

Used some resin to fix some cracks









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