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Who needs MSA?

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it's alright the msa boxes aren't backed anyway


For some reason I thought everyone boxed theirs in, looks like mine is similar to the MSA one then, do you think the port in the centre makes a difference?


Nice work Mossy, I like the streamline look you have achieved. Any chance of a template? I would mine having a go at my self




Bruce PM sent

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yeah i was surprised too. I was mainly suprised that they still sounded that good without the backing. As for the port, I'm really not sure. I usually build my boxes sealed anyway. If it is sealed the pressure in the box pulls the cones in quicker which means a cleaner tighter sound but it also means its gonna take a bit more power to push the cones back out again. My home theatre speakers I built actually have a "passive radiator" which is basically just some blank speakers that just flex. Its kind of the best of both worlds. But yeah, in general I go sealed over ported.

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