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Has anyone tried putting a shift gate in their zed?

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I have been toying with this idea for a while.


First Option

Make an aluminium plate that sits in the plastic console, Problems with this is the gear stick may make contact with the gate as the whole gearbox moves.


Second Option

Make a Aluminium plate that is welded to the gear box, Problems with this is more fabrication.


Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Here are some photos.





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I don't know about the Z, but when I had my old AW11 MR2 some people on Toymods wanted to do the same thing.  The problem was the bottom of the stick where the plate was going to go described more of an oval shape than a H pattern, the only way you were going to get a H was if you put the H plate right at the top, which isn't very stylish or practical.  From the discussion that went on it appeared only cars that were meant to have H plates like Ferrari's, Lamborghini's etc would work unless you did some significant modding.

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