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Spartan Warrior

Gearbox and Diff combination

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After a lot of running around and exploring different engine options I am well on the way to ordering a complete 3.2 engine from Rebelloracing (just sorting the finer details) in the states for my 260 2 plus 2.


He has advised me that the best setup as being a combination of a 1982/83 280zx gearbox with either a 3.9 or 4.11 diff. I would be really grateful for advice as to what would be best.


The only down side was that after telling the wife of the cost she fainted and I had to bring her round ;D


I decided on this option as it will allow me to retain the original engine etc, has anyone else got a rebello engine?


Plus the states is just as close as to Darwin as is anywhere else! Cheers

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In my zed, I've settled on a 260 box with a 3.9 diff ratio (thanks BenZed!!). With the 280 gbox, 1st is a bit shorter than a 260 one, and the rest of the ratio's are either close or the same (2.9 Vs 3.2). If I was to run a 280 box, I would go for a 3.7 diff or 3.9 tops. Anything else, from a set of lights, you probably would'nt bother using first at all!

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