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Rack and Pinion knocks!! Need help.

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Was hoping for a bit of help. My 260z was knocked back on a roadworthy because of a knock in the rack & pinion. I took it to Pedders, the guys there while very helpful couldnt tell me how much the repair would be until they pulled it apart found the problem and sourced parts (which are rare apperently). They are talking $600 plus for the job

I dont have a lot of knowladge in this area. Can someone help out.

What is the best way to go about this. THe car is in West Melbourne.

Thanks Steve..


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I had the same problem and was told to replace the rack ends by a "Specalist". I rang around and couldn't get these parts anywhere but nissan.

So i had a look at it myself and it was just the rack needed adjusting...look for a big nut on the rack right where the steering column meets. Undo this nut and then you will be able to move the retainer adjusting screw.

It may take a few adjustments to get it right by giving the steering wheel a little wiggle inbetween adjustments to get the retainer (the part that is probably causin the knock) to seat properly. Then lock it back up and take it for at test drive. Be careful not to overtighten it, you will feel it if you do.


By the way new rack ends from Nissan are around the $280 mark a piece and you can get tie rod ends on Ebay.


Hope this helps if not PM me and we can talk on the phone might be easier with a verbal walkthrough.


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Must be a common problem I had a knock on both sides on hard lock only and the nut and screw method sorted it out.


Scootag : Good to know about that rack price.

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