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Front Fins

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Morning all,


Awesome website, first post and I am sure more to come!


I am currently completing a restoration on my 240 and now up to replacing a sad and sorry front fin (where the bonnet hinge is bolted too) that looks like it has had a hard life. I managed to score a rusted body 260z which had a perfect front and looking at replacing the fin with this. I have noticed that the bottom rail is different and is raised on the 260. Does anyone have any tips to doing this or have done this work before as i am in two minds of what to do.


I was thinking of cutting off the existing fin above the member and welding in the replacement but i have noticed the fin runs through to the chassis rail so replacing it make weaken the front which i do not want to do.


Cheers in advance.

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I am assuming that you mean to cut right down through the curved part of the "fin" to the chassis rail, from the very top, giving you a sort of S shaped piece to weld in if viewed from the front. In this case, just cut flush along the top of the chassis, and run a weld bead along the top of the chassis rail when reattaching the new piece.

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