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Spartan Warrior

Top End Zeds

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I would like to try and get an idea of how many Zeds we have here in the Top End? I would also like to organise a quick get together one weekend (I suspect that there might only be two of us attending  :) anybody interested please let me know and we can fix a date, if I manage to get the other Zed here in time I can always get my wife to join me!  :'(

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This is coming 4 years late, but hey, if you're still an active member (Spartan)... or for others in Darwin (which I am now not...), maybe it'll be of some interest.


Back when I bought my 280zx in 1999, I started making note of any Zeds that I saw... and created a webpage for them on my site, which has long since gone.  The page however remains on my computer, so, here's what I had found...


(Seriously, I'm not a stalker... And if the admin want the rego details removed, please let me know/feel free to edit - no offense intended)





As the 280zx is my favourite, I shall start with them.



280zx: 1979 to 1983


1982 280zx white auto targa

• Rego 1982ZX

• Aftermarket headlight covers and radio, Sydney Z Car Club sticker on rear quarter window. Little bit of bubbling in paint around t-tops and rear quarter panel. roosterroach rear visor. Sold from Rob Paynter Autos in Darwin city for approx $8,000 (marked down from $10,000).

• Sightings:

- June/Aug 1999 - Rob Paynters Autos

- Late 2000 - Apartment building on Smith Street

- Early 2001 - Caryard on cnr Totem/Dickward (Unsure if for sale or just parked)


280zx light green targa

• Apparently in need of work. Not seen by myself. Advertised in the NT News approx Aug 99 and spotted by several friends.

- Aug 1999 - Nightcliff near jetty

- April 2001 - on highway to Palmerston


280zx white targa

• Not too bad looking. First mistaken for the original "1982ZX". Seen a few times around town, namely at Parap Markets. Unsure of its whereabouts now.

- Sept 1999 - Parap markets


1981 280zx auto silver targa

• Rego 486 065

• Rusty, bad paint, antenna in middle of t-tops. Originally for sale for $5,500 at Inner City Motors. Disappeared, then re-appeared at Liberty Motors with rust masked, asking $3,350 - at which point I purchased the car. Following a year of back-yard repairs (and a few expensive trips to the garage) the car was used for parts to restore the 1979 280zx below... Car has now been towed away to a scrap metal yard.

- Nov 1999 - Inner City Motors

- Dec 1999 - Liberty Motors

- 24/12/01 to 29/9/01 - in my care

- Oct 2001 - Now in a junkward awaiting crushing


280zx manual red (targa?)

• Rego 509 474??

• Nice looking car. Nice interior and exterior. Spotted when visiting the Territory Insurance Office to take out insurance for my new acquisition. I don't think I've seen it since..

- Dec 1999 - TIO


280zx red/blue

• Bad paint on bonnet. Apparent rust. Seen for some time, often in/around Stuart Park. Seen parked outside a car yard on Stuart Highway near Murray Oakley's. Signage on driver side door advertising a company.

- 1999/2001 - Sporadic sightings


1980? 280zx auto blue/silver targa

• Rego CASI

• Missing bonnet Z badge, few rust areas, ave interior. Seen around town a bit.

- 1999/2001 - Sporadic sightings

- Apr 2001 - Casuarina Village


280zx manual 2 seater red targa

• Restored by an Australian Federal Policeman from Queensland. No badges. Mattish paint. Sold from Inner City Motors on consignment to a young guy for around $2600.

- Early 2000 - Inner City Motors

- Mid 2000 - Sound Spectrum


1982? 280zx silver targa

• Like looking at my 81, though it is a different year. Damaged rear bumper. Air-con worked on by garage in Tang St. Seen on several occasions around Coconut Grove area up til late 2000.

- Thru 2000 - Sporadic


1982/3? 280zx auto white targa

• Nice condition, someone's near finished project. Parked for sale on the side of the road. Asking price $8,000.

- Late 2000 - Near BP outside Palmerston


1979 280zx red manual

• Rego ZEDEX

• Originally missing bonnet, bumper, right fender, etc. Sighted on Datsun Classifieds Online, purchased after examination by a Brisbane Z Club member. Imported from Qld to Darwin via Finemores Transporters. On the road since May this year thanks to parts from 486 065. Off the road since September due to clutch woes.

- Dec 2000 - Datsun Classifieds

- Feb 2001 to Now - in my care

- Jan 2005 - relocated to Brisbane

- Apr 2011 - sold to Andre? in Toowoomba



240Z: 1969 to 1973


240Z dark green

• Rego MY 240Z

• Nice from a distance.

- 1999 - 2001 - Regularly in Top Pets staff carpark

- Mid 2000 - Parked along Casuarina Drive


240Z forest green

• SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! A gorgeous specimen, externally at least. Possibly fully restored by the looks of it. Would love to get closer. Seen first in late 2000/early 2001 driving out of the Airport, and around Rapid Creek/Nightcliff.

• Possibly belonged to a Virgin Blue employee, according to my brother in law who used to work there...

- Late 2000 - Coming from Airport, heading into Nightcliff

- Once or twice since


240Z yellow

• Rego 609 654

• Bright, good looking Z, looks like some kind of race car. 2 seater. Rear spoiler. Front fog lights, headlight covers, "bull bar", leather interior wheel surrounds, tinted windows.

- Early 2001 - Outside NT House

- Regularly parked at Darwin Cinema carpark



260Z: 1974 to 1976



• Often seen parked at Woolworths Petrol Plus, this Z is in good shape, and wears lots of ads. Spoke to driver - son of the owner. His father does up a lot of cars for racing etc.


260Z manual light green

• Not in good condition(!). Sold from Mango Madness on Stuart Highway - Asking price $2600.

- Early 2000 - Mango Madness Caryard


260Z red

• Coat-hanger antenna. Possibly same 260Z as seen for sale in paper and parked at Northlakes Shopping Centre. Seen several times driving towards the airport/Mararra sports complex.

- 2000 & 2001


260Z orange

• Looks fair. Tasmianiam licence plate.

- Mid 2001 - Palmerston

- Late 2001 - CBD Woolworths

- Oct 2001 - Smith Street



280Z 1978


280Z Fairlady white

• Destroyed in head-on collision? Resided at Jap Auto Dismantlers for some time. Discovered it approx mid-2000. Direct import from Japan. Now gone, probably turned into a small cube. Bonnet badge sitting on my desk (and 3gauge, mud flaps, interior door handle moulds & rear view mirror was in my 1981 280zx)



300zx 1984-89


300zx turbo auto targa red

• Sold from car yard on Stuart Highway near Palmerston in approx Sept 1999. Original asking price approx $16,000. Shabby interior, paint, etc. Possibly seen driving towards Fannie Bay in mid 2000.


1986 300zx black

• Sold "off roadside" near Palmerston BP. 300zx lettering on lower doors. Sold cheap at approx $8,000 as owner was leaving town. Car maintained by owner's mechanic boyfriend.


1980's 300zx anniversary cream

• Rego MY ZX

• Nice condition, seen driving around Moil on several occasions. Anniversary car. -- Parked around Brown's Mart in xxx with For Sale sign. Last seen parked outside Rob Paynter's on 20/10/01.


300zx cream

• Spotted near Sizzlers in a parking lot on Briggs Street in the city. Not an anniversary edition (no badge at least). Ding on driver side front fender.



300zx Post-1989


300zx non turbo auto targa red

• Sold from Newstate Motors on Stuart Highway in early-mid 2000. Asking price was approx $24,999. Good condition.


1992 300zx non turbo targa auto silver

• Sold from Newstate Motors on Stuart Highway in early-mid 2000. Asking price was approx $25,999.


300zx silver


• Never seen close up, only on the road.


1990 300zx turbo black-grey

• Rego 300NZX

• For sale at Rob Paynters for $32,000. Weird antenna sticking up at front of car. Car disappeared from Rob's, reappeared 1 block down the road, now asking $25,000.


300zx non turbo white-cream

• Rego PCR

• For sale at Rob Paynters for $19,990. Sold.




240Z = 3

260Z = 4

280Z = 1

280zx = 11

300zx 80's = 4

300zx 90's = 5


If you own any of the above, a) I don't mean any offense, and b) please contact me if you wish to make any comments, add details, etc.

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I will admit to probably being a little OCD but usually didn't feel too weird walking up and checking out other Zeds in carparks etc, as usually I'd have mine nearby to say - "Hey I'm a fellow Zed owner!"...  Would always wave at other Zed drivers when on the road, which would get embarrassing if I was in my wife's Ford Festiva...


I do have to say, whilst initially Zeds seemed to be everwhere in Darwin, they seemed to disappear over time even just between 1999-2005... Then down in Brisbane/Logan, although late 300zx's were common, it was very rare to see any of the older models...



Just an addition to the list... though no doubt very useless now... there was a backyard wrecker out in... Coolalinga I think (Noonamah maybe?)... that had some Zeds... there was 2x 280zx's... few others... and he had a 260 or a 240 that he was working on... Of course, I'd guess that was around about 2002...

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