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GodZilla's 260z 2+2

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Hey everyone, welcome to my project thread. It's been quite a while since I've made a proper post, me meaning not posting in the WTB Classifieds.

For once I have something thats now worth posting.

Back in May 5th 2016, my 16 year old self was immensely desperate to purchases a S30 as some might remember: 


Since then I continued my search checking classifieds daily, and jumping on any S30 in my price range, as well as accidentally annoying a few people in the process that also being members on the forum. Four years has past since then, and about November-ish of last year I purchased a 1975 260z 2+2 that was crashed in a ditch by the owner, but was repairable and happened to be in good nick despite the light impact damage. The left guard, nose-cone, three piece stock front valance, front bumper and grill were severely damaged beyond repair, the left conner of the hood was mildly pushed in as well as the left support mount for the hood hinge. Since purchasing the zed I've replaced the left guard and bought a type 1 air-dam which is yet to be installed. Recently I took the zed to the panel beater's to be put on a chassis puller and to fix the hood. Got it back last week and she looks fantastic.

As for future plans I'd like to make some minimal modifications to improve handling, ride quality and to get just a tad more power out of the old l26 NA [nothing ridiculous, at 46 years of age the old fairlady may be a bit of cougar but she isn't slow poke either, To my surprise I learn't that while driving her back from the panel beaters.] Because I want to track her occasionally, as well as being a daily driver. As for short term plans in 6 weeks or more I plan on getting the hood and guard painted to color match the rest of the car, meanwhile i'm going to test fit the air-dam and fit the indicators. I'll post more updates as soon as I can, and ad more photos of how the car was when I got it. Any suggestions and advice is welcomed an appreciated.imageproxy.php?img=&key=89e1b23c09079654imageproxy.php?img=&key=89e1b23c09079654           










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