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#741 is back on the road

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I've finally got my 240Z back on the road. :D  Thanks to everyone who has helped me get there with advice and parts.

It’s #741 and it was a bit of a project when I bought it in May 2017, basically a rolling body with some parts. I think it had been in the stripped state like I bought from probably the mid to late 1990s. The plan was to get it back on the road for weekend drives and do some club day racing. So the project was not restoration, but to fix it up and give it a bit more performance.

Originally it was to be a twelve month build, but it took a bit longer. I didn’t get it in my garage until Sept 2017. And so the work really started in earnest then. The extra time was because things often take a bit longer than expected, and as the project progressed the list of performance mods expanded, which meant there was more fabrication needed. Chasing parts can also take a bit of time. Luckily, I was able to do all the work myself and so I only had the cost of parts that went into it.

The body was very rusty and needed new floors and sills. All the front panels and doors should have also been replaced because of quite a bit of rust, but more because they were covered in dents. Unfortunately I was unable to find replacements and so they were just repaired to a reasonable state.

Engine is Nissan RB25. Fabricated sump, engine and gearbox mounts. Koni golds and Coil overs for suspension. Skyline brakes with the larger 324mm rotors.

It still needs some finishing off. The interior still needs some work.  I’ve found getting original trim panels in Aus is quite hard. I’m hoping not to have to get the bits from the US.

Quite pleased that I now have a car to drive. :D


741 Pic0.jpg

741 Pic1.jpg

741 Pic2.jpg

741 Pic3.jpg

741 Pic4.jpg

741 Pic5.jpg

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Well done Greg.

it looks like you have done a great job with a difficult starting platform. No doubt you will have lots of fun with it on the track.

good luck with the final pieces.

look forward to seeing you round some time 




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Wow! That's an effort and a half to get it together in that time frame. Your making me feel bad that I have taken 7 years so far and I have only just started putting mine back together - and I started with less rust.

Looks good too, must be nice to drive with some RB25DET oomph under the bonnet. Nice that you get to enjoy the drive whilst you get the last bits done.

Cheers Jeff

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Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to the driving and tinkering. 

Jeff, don't feel bad, it has been the only thing I've been working on for 18 months. Also not being a restoration I didn't have to be make it completely original and so that made the assembly a bit easier . 


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