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Wanted S30 type 1 style air dam, or sources to a AU manufacture

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Hello AusZcar community.

I've been on the hunt for a Type 1 Style Air dam for my 2+2.

I've searched to usual places online like theZstore.com and

other international sites that sell them, I've got quotes for

the prices of shipping on every site I inquired and it ranges

from $350 - $420 USD.

I continued searching and stumbled across a topic from 2009

linked here:


that mentioned where to get air dams inside and outside 

Australia. because of the topics age I wasn't sure whether it was 

still viable. so if anyone could let me know if they would 

be interested in selling or knows where I can source one

nationally would be really appreciated.  

Example of the air dam pictured below:  


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To anyone who might reply to this post, thank you for your interest but I'm no longer in need of an air dam, I bit the bullet and found one over seas in Malaysia which I've purchased and now awaiting delivery.  

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