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Late 260Z interior trim piece

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Hey all, 

Long shot, but wondering if anyone has a couple of spare NOS or reproduced interior faux wood door card trim pieces from the late 260z lying around.

If not, has anyone had any experience with purchasing these from Z car depot? On the original door cards these are heat welded on during manufacturing. I'm having the door cards retrimmed locally as I can't source any off white late model 260 cards anywhere and wondering how on earth these would be attached.

Has anyone seen this or had these specific door cards reupholstered?

Thanks in advance.



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I too have seen those strips for sale on USA sales websites & have wondered whether possible to remove the tired old ones, & then attach the new & with what adhesive. I'd perhaps use a thin flat bead of high quality silicone adhesive sealant, the neutral cure type not acid cure. With the strip well clamped and weighted down ie door trims laid flat. That would be my preference to contact adhesive. But I don't know if the old trims could be detached, I suspect they are heat welded on.

I bought my 260 in '84 when it was 10yrs old & the chrome on those strips was already starting to peel. Back then I carefully masked & painted them with satin black enamel modelling paint to lose - IMO - the OTT fake chrome bling. Is still surviving 30+ yrs on. But as per Groundhog's solution one could re-do them with spray can 'chrome' modelling paint - such as that used on model cars.

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You can also get chrome adhesive tape on eBay. I thought it was at least worth a try. Stick it on and use a sharpie to trim along the edge?


Not sure how long this stuff lasts, but probably as long as the original stuff anyway.

@Hardman I managed to source some reproduction as new door trims for a later 260z that I had dyed white to help out a bloke doing a Resto in WA and wanted to get his car *mint*. In terms of his restoration.

Let me see if I can find pics of them!

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Ok so I have some pics, but nothing particularly useful to add here.

I originally sourced some reproduction trims from Revive Jalopy and had them dyed white.

However we had issues with the fitment of the trims due to the fact that there is 2 different trim types for AU market 260z's.

1. Early door trims which are similar in terms of door lock position etc.. as 240z's. This applied to 74/75 model 240z's.

2. The later style which applies to 76/78 door trims. The door lock position is further up the door (closer to A pillar).

In the end we sold the reproduction door trims to someone else who was less concerned with perfect fitment and instead I found some black, NOS trims. Then we had them professionally redyed to suit. Which the owner was much happier with.

It was an expensive exercise, but options are limited for 260z's compared with 240z's - since less reproductions exist for the later cars.

@Hardman your trims are in good shape (or at least passenger side, didn't look too closely at your driver's side door trim) and not water / warped at the bottom or cracked as far as I could tell.

Therefore I'd look at stripping to crappy white flakey paint off it. (I don't think vinyl paint flakes like that if properly applied) and look at getting them redyed and perhaps try that chrome adhesive tape?

Alternatively find a black set of NOS trims (I do see them from time to time) and redye those.

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