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Various early 240z parts needed

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Now I have some time off work I can finally get around to starting some of the small details items on the Z. I have been driving it as much as possible and LOVING it, but those small niggly things are always a pain huh!?

Here is a massive ass list of things that I'm sure I'll have to order online, but if anyone has any that'd be awesome!

LH Fairlady Z badge
Dash matt
Bonnet twisted spring thingo
Bonnet stand latch (that stops it from moving on the front crossmember)
Rear hatch seal (proper fitting one, not universal)
Z hub center cap 
Inner door handle cups
Seat back adjustment winder cap (+nut)
Door glass wipers inside + out (that stops water coming in)
Seat adjuster lever cap
Accelerator pin linkage bushing (mine slops all over the place and I'm not sure which part is worn...)
Right front cabin air duct
Accelerator firewall grommet
Bonnet release cable grommet
Wiper motor electric cables grommet
Stiffer steering wheel linkage bushing (there is a pretty big deadspot. Will this erase it or is it more integral?)
Lower radiator hose (aftermarket radiator, but I believe its all the same location...)
All dash bulbs
Center console light   
Cabin air controls stickers (which knob does what...)
Glovebox light (does a bulb just slot in behind that pressure switch!?)
Fuse diagram sticker (and where does it go?)
Center console (arm area) switches? or lights? (not sure what goes there)
Early 240z choke and hand accelerator knobs (+ grub screw?)


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Hey mate,

I have the glovebox light assembly (globe is burned out though), will exchange for a wiper motor electric cable grommet :)


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