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Hi all, my name is Abz. As hard as I've been trying, it appears my long term lurking efforts have gone unnoticed by everyone here, so I guess it's time I fix me a username and say hello.

I'm a (young, but!) retired mechanic and I've been in love with Datsuns and especially Z's since: A) I read an article in "zoom" (I think it was zoom, might have been fast fours) about a pale yellow 240 with a beautiful turbo'd  l series, B) since rebuilding the l24e out of my first car (rmr30 hatch) as a first year apprentice not to mention owning that car in general.

I don't own anything at the moment and I'm probably not going to be the one that's always responding helping others with their questions (at least not for now) but I am patiently waiting for the right car to come along at a time when I happen to have sufficient resources. 

It'll happen.

Until then, thank you all for letting me stand quietly in the corner whilst living vicariously.

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18 hours ago, 260z blues said:

Keep looking the right car will come along and welcome. 

Thank you. If I keep putting it out to the universe I'm sure it will one day. mechanical and electrical issues don't scare me at all but I can't do sheet metal (sadly that's what most of the "projects" out there require) C'est la vie!

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Hi Abz

Welcome, more than welcome to “stand in the corner” great way to learn some of the idiosyncrasies of both Z’s and this forum community.

Waiting patiently is a good idea good cars to come along for sale, but when they do not hesitate - they sell very quickly.



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