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Zed Heads dream Z build.

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3 minutes ago, gav240z said:

If it's an early 240z, to me cut guards are a big negative.

However not many years ago people were hacking up early cars without a thought as they were the cheap Z's!

At some point 260z's in original shape may be considered highly collectible in original condition and hacking guards may be frowned upon. Especially if it's done to fit a massive set of rota wheels..

Valid points. Thanks.

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9 hours ago, Zedhead said:

That's how I feel to and then the next time I look at them both I feel bad lol.  Maybe just buy one with the guards cut so I don't have to make the decision.  :Anyone got a cheap z for sale with flared guards! :) 

there's a 240z with an RB30 & flares on gumtree! haha

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