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Outage 3rd and 4th September 2018

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Hey Guys,

Please let me know if you have ongoing issues. It appears we had a database error due to a crashed database table. While there are several reasons that a table crash might occur, it is always caused by the server. For example it can be caused by the server being improperly shut down or restarted, hard disk drive failure/errors, improper repair attempts on a database, etc.

Repairing a crashed table is a simple process, and I kicked this off this morning, but due to the size of the table it timed out, so I had to get the hosting company's help to run the repair.

This has now been completed and so the site should be running again.

But let me know if you have ongoing problems that have occurred since yesterday (not your personal problems I don't wanna know :P), lord know I've got enough of my own :).

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